Rui Hachimura's popularity continuing to rise at Gonzaga


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into a possible NBA lottery pick 

At minimum first round.

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Great for him, hope the Zags make it far.

And if he makes the NBA, wonder how long before the mainstream media once again goes with their tried and true cliche reports of "do Japanese view Ru as a 'real' Japanese."

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Go Hachimura! I've been waiting for this.

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Good for him!! Look forward to following him in the NBA as well. Also sounds like a polite and classy young man!

There is another young kid from Japan standing out at a U.S. Division 1 University as well. Kai Toews is a guard out of Tokyo/Kobe who led the Colonial Athletic Conference in assists and broke the Conference's single season assist a freshman! Toews is at a smaller school but had an outstanding record breaking freshman year at UNCW in North Carolina.

Nice to see Japan basketball move forward.

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Read a great write-up about him a few weeks back:

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Finally some homegrown talent. Unlike Philippines's Andray Blatche...

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I still think Gonzaga is a bit overrated but they are definitely motivated after that horrific loss to St Marys last week.

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Don't forget to fill out your brackets in the office pools! Today is the deadline. We need the first ever perfect bracket!

And if the 3rd-richest man in the world signs your paycheck, ya can win $1 Million per year for life! Lol

"Billionaire Warren Buffett's annual challenge - $1 million for life for perfect Sweet 16 bracket (to employees only)"

Buffett will also offer a $100,000 consolation prize to the person who does the best. Last year, he split $100,000 between eight employees. The year before, five people lost with just one game left.

According to, about 100,000 employees completed brackets in the past.

In 2018, there were no perfect Sweet 16 brackets among the 17.3 million on ESPN after No. 16 UMBC defeated No. 1 Virginia in the first round of the tournament.

According to Duke University math professor Jonathan Mattingly, the odds of someone picking a perfect bracket are one in 2.4 trillion.

Good luck!

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Btw, here's some Rui Hachimura interviews where he talks about his journey from Japan to the US:

"When Rui (@Twitter Rui "Louis" Hachimura) first got to Gonzaga, he didn't even know it existed on the map; haven't heard of March Madness; the body of Tarzan but played like Jane...."

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