Russia's reputation, Olympic status on trial for doping


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Russia really ought to be banned for the foreseeable future from all international sporting competitions starting with next year's Olympics (should they take place).

They have a documented history of doping as state policy. While other nations have dopers too, including sadly, several top tier athletes such as Marion Jones from the United States, Russia is the only modern country that has organized doping and evasion on a state level.

Moreover, Russia has clearly covered up their doping and evasion system in truly Russian fashion to make it look as though the whistle-blowers were involved, thus the truth is ultimately unknowable so "why punish us?"

Some clean athletes may be swept up in a blanket ban, but they should direct their anger (and their votes) towards Vlad Putin. This is his doing and the only way to shut this type of behavior down is WADA's version of the NCAA "Death Penalty".

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Russia's pick is Hamid Gharavi, a dual France-Iran national. He was selected by Russian athletes in cases that overturned 28 disqualifications by the IOC from Sochi.

What a track record! I'm sure it was 28 out of 28 cases, too.

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But what has this to do with Russia? Without one or the other doping no one there has the slightest chance to take part or at best to survive the first qualification round. Do you think you would ever get there with some training and a normal healthy body? That’s more than naive. lol

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And yet we conveniently forget the bans on U.S. and Kenyan athletes.

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Until Russia publicly accepts blame for their state-sponsored doping program, and makes extremely strong effort to be transparent in their programs, screw them. We don't want them at the Olympics. They're useless.

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And yet we conveniently forget the bans on U.S. and Kenyan athletes.

Did they run state-sponsored doping programs?

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