Russia loses appeal against track and field Olympic ban


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There seems to clear evidence of systematic cheating by the Russians so they should be banned from the Olympics. Imagine the feelings of those non-cheaters from other countries who came 4th or 3rd or 2nd in an event where the cheater came 1st. They train so hard but are ripped off by these cheats. And being presented with the correct medal a few years after the event, though better than nothing, wouldn't do much to erase the bitterness.

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I feel so sorry for the non-cheaters too, especially the good ones (assuming there are some) from Russia. My first reaction was a feeling of huge satisfaction that good has prevailed and that it is a big bloody kick in the teeth for Putin. This is a huge embarrassment and personal humiliation for him, one of the worst human beings on the planet. A valuable lesson he will never ever forget. What goes around, comes around. I just hope his impending tantrums don't cause him to start yet another war.

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The only problem I can see with all this is that by banning Russia you are only banning one part of the problem. Anyone that honestly believes that removing the Russian problem will level the playing field is fooling themselves.

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The whole thing is political. Anybody taking WADA serious is on to something.

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That means Japan gets to field athletes in an extra sport. Great...

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There seems to clear evidence of systematic cheating by the Russians so they should be banned from the Olympics.

Which evidence?

They banned because they are Russian

Political games.

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Everything in Russia is blamed on outsiders.

They don't see that this is a problem of their own making (even the whistle-blowers are Russians). Until they realize that, they can't ever hope to fix this.

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even the whistle-blowers are Russians

Some sort of emigration: you receive money and residence permit in exchange for "wistleblowing"

Some sort of love in exchange for money

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