Russia may join sports events in Asia ahead of 2024 Olympics


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The IOC is completely corrupt if they allow this.

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More BS from the IOC.

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its about time to do that and stop this....separation based on politics views.

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separation based on politics views.

It’s more based on humanitarian views.

Russia has invaded a sovereign country & started murdering & raping its citizens. Destroying their home’s & cities.

So evil people (countries) must suffer the consequences of their actions

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Hard no.

"You can have the billions in advertising that support your ", movement", or you can have doped up Russians sport washing for their state.

You will not have both,"

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Russia and Belarus are both still banned from all international ice hockey competitions that are sanctioned by the IIHF (which act as qualifiers to the Winter Olympics) and there is no way to get around that for them. And, it's quite well known, just how much Putin cares about the gold in men's ice hockey.

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While Russia joining AFC is rather difficult because of the World Cup berth issue(Russia will be taking one berth when there are only 8 to go around, much resentment from Middle East and China), I don't see why OCA would refuse Russia joining the Asian Games.

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Russia is in the midst of a brutal, illegal invasion of Ukraine, committing atrocities such as targeting civilian power plants in the midst of winter in a deliberate attempt to freeze the population into submission.

That Russian athletes must suffer for this is unfortunate but necessary. Don't forget the embarrassment which was the 1936 Summer Olympics.

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It looks like people have already forgotten about the war. As Russia is the biggest country, it will be allowed to do as it wishes. The same as China and Taiwan. People only want to make money and don’t care about a little war.

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The biggest event of the olympics is where the IOC always finishes with Gold.

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Yes, IOC reaps the profits no matter who wins, who loses, who gets banned, restricted or sanctions. While countries that have invaded other nations one after another and have fleeced their resources, and enslaved the through forced purchased of weapons and security and protection schemes have gotten away with murder, literarily and for real.

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And how much did you get for this?

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The mental calisthenics they're trying to do in order to justify

If they do this, then no more Euro competitions for Russian teams - no more Euro Championship, no more Champions League, etc. They should compete in Asia from here on out

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