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Russian swimming star Kolesnikov 'not sad' to miss Paris Olympics


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Meanwhile we won't have the right to a delegation... nor a flag nor hymn," he added.

Aww - no flag or national anthem. No national colours on your uniform. What a shame!

Somewhere, the worlds tiniest violin is being played.

Tough luck. Hecould've always walked in under the white flag of the IOC! LOL.

While waiting for the situation to change, Kolesnikov said he wanted to focus on setting "new world records".

Here we go. The notorious Russian "supplements program" looks like being reactivated.

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ThubanToday 06:59 am JST

He should be competing in the Olympics, that way any Gold medal will be more legitimate.

He can compete as a refugee like his country is causing.

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Never heard of the guy... and at this rate maybe never well. Frankly I think we can just chalk him up to being just one more victim of the war his country started.. along w/ the many many people of Ukraine who have quite a bit more real world concerns...

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Obviously indoctrinated since childhood. Excellent example of state-run mind control.

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