Russia's Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia future of skating


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"Russia's Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia future of skating" only with the team of crooked Judges of Russia.

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Russia's Sotnikova, Lipnitskaia future of skating" only with the team of crooked Judges of Russia.

Another one "angry korean" (C) ?

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Too bad for both young ladies that the "extracurricular" activity around their success this Olympics will be remembered more easily than anything ! They are both excellent competitors and probably both have about three more Olympic competitions in them because of their age. We will have a chance to see them in Japan next month in the World competitions.

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I'm really looking forward to the 2018 Olympics with the great lineup of figure skaters we'll have. These two Russian girls will be older, improved, and more competitive. Sotnikova will be defending her gold, and Lipnitskaya will be seeking redemption after not medalling this Olympics. These two will be the ones to beat.

For Japan, Mao-chan hasn't decided yet whether she'll stick around for next time so we'll have to wait and see. Murakami has so much potential; I hope she trains overseas with a good coach like Orser who coaches Hanyu and has coached Yuna. I haven't heard anything lately about Ando but I hope she competes despite being busy as a mom. She's the only female figure skater to ever land a quad in competition. Now that would be something to see in the Olympics.

The U.S. also has some strong contenders. Gracie Gold looks to be the best bet; she's only 18 and has so much talent. Same also for half-Russian 15-year-old Polina Edmunds who's also promising and might even eclipse Gracie in skill level by then. Lastly, Mirai Nagasu didn't make it this time but she was 4th place in Vancouver. If she can be consistent hopefully she'll make the U.S. Team in 2018.

4 more years. Can't wait!

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I don't believe that Sotnikova deserved the Gold Medal. She's only 17 and I really doubt she has that much skills up her sleeve. I think that Kim-Yu-na deserves the Gold Medal.

I also hope that, the results will be re-judged, considering how many people signed the petition for re-judging.

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@hikkifan17 :

I don't believe that Sotnikova deserves the Gold Medal....I think that Kim Yu-na deserves the Gold Medal.

Sotnikova demonstrated much more difficult elements during skating, than Kim. So she got her Gold Medal. Various petitions of "angry koreans" may entertain the World but cannot change the situation.

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