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Russia's Sotnikova stuns Kim to win figure skating gold; Asada 6th


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Great result. Looked wonderful on the ice and she seemed to power through her jumps. Made a great change.

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Queen Yu-Na: "I can't do anything about this. I did all I could..."

In other words, a silver medal is no good. Good grief!

"said Kim, 23, who later confirmed it was her final competition."

She's only 23... oh well.

Looks like I was right yesterday about Adelina Sotnikova! She got the gold! Congratulations!

Mao, though she wound up in 6th place, had a great free skate that was bested only by Adelina and Queen Yu-Na. Mao's free skate was less than 2 points behind Queen Yu-Na's, plus she became the first woman to land a triple axel in consecutive Olympics.. I'm looking foward to seeing Mao in the 2018 Olympics.

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Way to go Mao-chan. You earned a little redemption.

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Aww ;(. I am a fan of Kim Yu-na. It is sad she lost and got a silver medal.

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I like Yu-na too. Knowing how she has been criticized by her countrymen in the past for getting something other than gold I worry for her. However, there is a lot of online outrage now over the results. I have not seen it yet so I do not know if they are justified.

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Gj Sotnikova , I am so glad that she won .

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Yuna was perfect but it still wasn't good enough. But it doesn't surprise me. According to this report, the judging at this competition was a scandal.

The judging, because of the size of the gap between the scores, is likely to be analyzed and criticized for years to come. In fact, American Ashley Wagner wasted no time, saying "people need to be accountable."

Anyway, well done to Yuna, to me she's the real gold winner here.

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Gj Sotnikova , I am so glad that she won .

No offfence to her fans. In my humble eyes, her landing is not very neat and decent. It is doubtful she won with merit.

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Watched it. Yuna was better. Not a mistake a smooth. But hey, I`m not a judge.

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I gave a gift to Russia,”

No, the judges did. For the reigning Olympic champion to lose by that margin after a perfect performance is simply obscene.

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It was a home-cooked decision. YuNa should have won.

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Yuna was perfect

Sorry, but no. She was downgraded on her step sequence as well as her spin. Also, Sotnikova had more triple jumps and more combinations than Yuna. Congratulations on a great performance by all 3 medalists, and congrats to Mao for putting on a great show in the free skate.

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It is the second story in the Sports section.

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Sad to say one of my coworkers was glad to see a 'Korean' lose out on gold. Sad, bitter and pathetic.

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What a joke! I knew something was fishy as soon as the error-strewn program by the first Russian got a whopping 135 points. Kim absolutely had no chance. I know exactly who the winner should be, and she sure ain't holding the gold medal.


Had Asada come in fourth, you'd be the first here screaming that Sotnikova should never have scored more than her in the free program. But hey, Kim got a medal, right? Ain't no shame in that when you've got the judges against you.

Thank you to both Kim and Asada. Two real champions.

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Congrats to all, including Mao for redeeming herself to an extent. Figured it was impossible for her to medal, but she seems to have done quite well in the free-skate.

As for the outcome, well, we're in Russia, and I have no doubt there was a little bias, particularly given some of the other calls in the figure skating field where... ahem... Russia won again. But, silver is nothing to balk at for Kim.

Serrano: "Mao, though she wound up in 6th place, had a great free skate that was bested only by Adelina and Queen Yu-Na."

And again with the "Queen Yu-Na" thing. You really have to drop your vehement hatred of all things Korean.

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Sotnikova was great on the degree of difficulty with all those triple axles, etc. But I thought Yu-na did a better job by demonstrating technical precision and an incredible grace. Her body sang with the music very well. Too bad there is a "Hometown Decision" in every subjective sport.

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Wow, I bet if this tournament took place in USA and an American won some of you wouldn't be crying about a home cooked result.

The Russian won fair and by the way its very difficult to be bias in Olympic figure skating now days. Especially after past events like salt lake.

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i just watched it on tv this morning, and there was NO WAY the russian deserved to win. yuna was by far more graceful and skated almost perfect. i hate it when countries hosting the olympics "steal" a few medals just because it's on their homecourt.

and sorry for mao though. if her nerves had not gotten to her in the short program she could have done a lot better.

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Absolutely. Unequivocally. Absurd.

Kim skated a beautiful, mistake-free program and lost by what was actually a large 5 point deficit to a program that was great, but not leaps and bounds better, not enough to propel someone to that ridiculous score.

Honestly, it's sadder that Kim is retiring, and that Akiko Suzuki who's retiring as well, who's worked just as hard as Mao, represented Japan so well internationally, gets a fraction of love from the local media.

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That was without a doubt one of the most depressing moments in my Olympic viewing history, and I've watched quite a few in my life. KIM YUNA WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plain and simple. That Russian girl faltered on her landing, didn't skate very gracefully, was out of sync with the music the first half of her program, and basically had only one thing going for her, which was the crowd. If you looked at the replays on her jumps, she landed at least two of them not perfectly. Whereas Kim's performance was absolutely flawless, she never faltered, and she moved with absolute grace to the music. My theory is this: The Russians men's hockey team got ousted the day before, so this was their way of coming out on top, being that the figure skating title next to the hockey title are arguably the two biggest marquee events in the Winter Olympics. And I'm sorry but there's no way Adelina got five more points more than Yuna. Yuna was like an angel out there. So screw those judges. This is the second time I've seen a scandal with judging. When will it end? On a lighter note... HOLY CRAP MAO ASADA! What a beautiful and gut-wrenching free skate! Congrats to her for going out in style! I was sooo impressed with her most of all (even though the judges somehow though YULIA's flawed free skate scored somehow higher than Mao's.. but again... I call shenanigans on the whole event).

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I know 27 is considered "old" in figure skating years but I could have sworn Kim Yu-Na said she was going to try for the next Olympics because they will be in Korea.

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I'm looking foward to seeing Mao in the 2018 Olympics.

Then you are in for disappointment, since she already announced she is retiring. Doesn't want to compete in Korea.

and that Akiko Suzuki who's retiring as well, who's worked just as hard as Mao, represented Japan so well internationally, gets a fraction of love from the local media.

Because she has always been average. Its no fun to follow someone that you know at best can only get an average score.

I know this will go down as Kim getting screwed because she was 2nd, but I think her scores are inflated to begin with. Kostner should've won.

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"Yuna was perfect

Adelina was just more perfect.

"Yuna was better"

Adelina was more better.

smith: "And again with the "Queen Yu-Na" thing. You really have to drop your vehement hatred of all things Korean."

I don't have a vehement hatred of all things Korean, smith, that's what the Koreans call her - Queen Yu-Na. Sheesh.

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Have to think there will be some serious South Korea hating on judges and or Russia after this result. Not a criticism, just a prediction based on past incidents.

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Or we could just accept that Russia won. SK was second and jap was 6th.

Really that hard to accept the facts...Russia accepted being robbed of victory over US in hockey.

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Wow, I bet if this tournament took place in USA and an American won some of you wouldn't be crying about a home cooked result.

Why bring USA into this. No American won a medal in the individual events.

And this excuse about not having 7 triples. Didn't Kostner have 7? Fat lot of use that was for her.

Some facts about the 'winner':

2013 World Championship - finishes 9th with a score of 175.98

2013 GPF - finishes 5th with a score of 173.30

2014 Sochi Olympics - finishes 1st with 224.59!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read that Kim got booed throughout her performance. Classy? Many people, including Katarina Witt could see through this. I think Kim got just about the right scores. It's the inflation for the Russians that's highly strange. I notice not many people talking about the high scores given to the other Russian who was favoured to do better.

Anyway, Asada should be proud of the silver in 2010 because she lost to a better skater. And Kim should be proud of her silver in 2014 because she lost to the judges. A big thanks to these two skaters who have provided us with a lot of entertainment and thrills, and have shown class.

And is Murakami really retiring!!!?????

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Congratulations to Sotnikova on taking the gold medal.

“The result was good because I made no mistake. The scores are given by the judges so I’m not in the right position to comment and there is nothing that will change with my words. The most important thing for me is to participate in these Games.”

Congratulations to Kim on showing sportsmanship and class in defeat.

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And again, controversy rules at the Olympics in figure skating. Kim Yuna should have won gold here, just like Mao should've won gold in Vancouver. Judging at the Olympics are full of scandal. It's a pity that it should take away from some wonderful skating performances.

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Some insight into who the judges were (hmm, very interesting):


just like Mao should've won gold in Vancouver.

No, not with her mistakes in the free.

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Wonder how much the judges got paid by the russians....

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I won't comment on the judges, but I can say that, from my point-of-view, Yu-na gave this one away. Both Sotnikova and Kostner went for broke and attempted and landed 7 triples, while Yu-na played it safe at the end and landed a double, you could feel the disapointment. Yes, she skated beautifuly, but she didn't do all she could. She played it safe and gave away the gold. Anyone who watched with honest eyes would agree.

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TokyoDiman: "Wow, I bet if this tournament took place in USA and an American won some of you wouldn't be crying about a home cooked result."

It may indeed be harder to cook the results than it was in Salt Lake, but it still happens in any and all sports that require 'judging'. There are technical points the athletes have to make, but beyond that, and in this case the Russian even fell!, it's all based on opinion -- who liked what music better, outfits, etc. Often it's not even conscious, it seems, to give the home court team a win, but it happens. Kim did well and made no errors. "Just accepting" things, as you suggest, would mean not questioning any potentially bad calls. All nations do it, be it Japan saying Uemura deserved the bronze, the US hockey team saying a Canada goal shouldn't have counted, people saying skating is somewhat rigged, etc. I bet if they were the exact same performance but in SK (as the 2018 games will be), the result would have differed. Sometimes it's just whining, but sometimes it helps clean things up a bit. In this case it's not going to change anything, but given the two performances and where it took place I think people have a right to suggest the judging was biased.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Smithinjapan...I agree that the home town favorite has an advantage but I believe that advantage comes from skating on home turf. Just as any home team experiences in any sport. However the judges for any olimpic event do not get appointed by the host country. They get appointed by the Olympic commission. This commission is not Russia based. For the Russians the hockey was probably the most important event. They lost due to a bad call by the official who was an American by the way. If there was to be any even in which to cook the books if you will it would be hockey. That didn't happen and the Putin was actually watching that game. Unfortunately bad calls happens in any sport, you are absolutely right about that. However it is unfair to say that the international Olympic judges for figure skating would definitely give away the gold medal to the host country. Especially since neither you or I are qualified to judge figure skating. To be honest I find Maos performance dry and lacking emotion. She reminds me of a figure skating robot. So I feel she doesn't deserve the praise she gets. But again its my opinion and I'm not a professional judge so I accept her international standing.

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Just heard this on ESPN, that 4 new judges were drawn for the long program after the short program was finished. The Russian judge is married to the head of the Russian Skating Federation, the Ukrainian judge was punished for score fixing in 1998 and skaters say that's how it is in competitive figure skating.

On top of that, scoring is anonymous. There's no way to see what judge gave what score, thus shielding any judge from any oversight.

Crooked system, clouded results, overshadowing the hard work and artistry of these young women.

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Congratulations on Sotnikova on the gold! While she double-footed one jump, her free skate was more technical and difficult and consisted of seven triples that she landed compared to Yuna's six. As a result she had a higher base score that allowed for an error in a very close competition. Also her overall free program was more aggressive and risky compared to Yuna's. Sotnikova rightfully deserves to win the gold.

It's no different from the men's competition a few days earlier. Hanyu and Chan BOTH not just double-footed but fell while Ten skated clean. People were asking why Hanyu and Chan still took the gold and silver and Ten only bronze. It's because despite their mistakes the technical elements and degree of difficulty in the two's programs were much higher, and an overall higher base score to begin with that acted as a buffer.

I'm happy for Sotnikova as she made history as Russia's first female figure skater Olympic champion. She was constantly overshadowed by the younger Lipnitskaya and was definitely the dark horse going into the competition. Yet she skated a powerful, charged program and delivered. Good for her. Overall, a great and exciting finish to a tough competition. Good job to all the ladies. Looking forward to Korea 2014.

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To all the haters the russian judge who voted and gave Yuna a low score was once disqualified for cheating in th prior olympics it ironic that she some how was sittng to cast the deciding vote during the gold metal round. Looks like Putin is back up to his old KGB tricks again. With the russian skater winning it save his countries face! I see a pay back when the winter olympics return to Korea, the koreans will not forget this robbery!

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This was posted by

...It’s debatable, but not a robbery. Sotnikova skated well enough to win gold. She had a carefully constructed program with seven triples, five of which were in a combo. Kim had six and three, respectively. Thus, Sotnikova was going in with a higher total and made more margin for error, which she took advantage of with a minor hop after one exchange.

Also to whoever said the Kim was booed....The crowd cheered Kim’s program, but it was muted, as if the crowd was sitting on its hands, waiting for the favorite to fail so the native daughter could win gold. It’s hard to be arbitrary when there’s so much emotion at play.

NBCSN’s figure skating announcers, Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, didn’t offer much criticism when Kim’s score was announced and Sotnikova was revealed to be the winner. But after Sotnikova’s scores came out earlier in the program, Weir alluded to a potential home-ice advantage. But Weir backtracked later, saying he agreed with the podium “100%.” Lipinski said Sotnikova deserved to win because she skated with the most heart.

If kim was really so much better that she deserved gold she would have clearly won without any doubt like the Japanese did in men's.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Oops, I meant 2018. Another 4 more years! Can't wait for the return of these young ladies.

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I can't believe there isn't more of an uproar. How on earth could someone enter the freeskate section 1 point clear, land every single jump perfectly, skate flawlessly and still end up being overtaken and beaten by 3 points by a skater who made a mistake on one of her landings (the 3rd jump of her triple jump section)? But of course....Russian in Russia. That is the one downfall of any sport that requires judges points to determine the winner. There is always going to be controversial outcomes and this is one of them.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

I haven't seen the program yet so I don't know. But this kind of thing is why I was glad Plushenko bowed out of competition in the men's.

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Yeah, the Russian scores were way inflated.... Felt the same way about Kim Yeona during Vancouver (although she clearly won in 2010). Asada's performance was simply amazing... It was the culmination of the past four years that she used to rebuild her fundamentals from scratch. She had 8 triple jumps and one of them was a triple axel.... That's simply insane. Her No hand Y-spiral while turning at her core is just simply amazing.... Definitely blew away the other spiral sequences with that.

The event was plagued with slips and falls.... It was like Kostner, Kim, and Asada were the only ones with clean skates last night. Gracie Gold is the new American superstar, but her score was a little too high with that massive wipeout.

Kim's landings were beautiful.... Definitely her money makers.

Anyhows, a new era of figure skating is upon us... The old guard of Kim! Asada, Kostner, and Suzuki are set to retire.... Russian has reserved as a power, and the US looks to be ready to climb back to the top.... Not sure what lies ahead for Japan... That Satoko girl is good, but not quite at the level of today's elite.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Sigh. It really is a shame that Kim's compatriots couldn't follow her example and show some class in defeat. Here's a news item for those posting above who claim to be figure skating "fans" yet seem to know nothing about the sport. Its subjective. Judges marks have been called into question for as long as the sport has existed. Allegations of "cheating" have been leveled in the past and skaters from many countries have been "robbed". If you don't like it, go cheer for a sport where the results are clear cut, and judges don't get involved.

With the russian skater winning it save his countries face!

Again with the "face saving". What is it about some nations that they seem to be so worried about saving their faces. Always seems to be the same (two) countries harping on about their faces. Give it a rest. Nobody else cares.

I see a pay back when the winter olympics return to Korea, the koreans will not forget this robbery!

Of course they will "not forget". History has proven that all too well. Your suggestions of "pay back" should be laughed at, but considering the source I sadly must concur that they ROK Olympic committee will do their best to ensure ROK athletes get the "benefit" of scoring in every subjective sport possible. Says a lot about the mentality at work here imo.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

@hidingout you are laughable talking about saving face yes sad but true!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Glad for this young skater,she deserves it. I am mad at NBC as soon as the skating Thursday was over, they switched right to local news without showing the top three receiving flowers. NBC,Boo on you and you are as "BIAS" as they come !!!!

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Asada Mao skated well in her long program... She did not win a medal but she's one of the best skater in her generation...

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Congrats to the winners. No more loser talk (leave that to hockey). Whether the scores are inflated, the way to figure that out is in other competitions following the Olympics. Though a good free skate redemption, too bad for Asada - Yuna was finally defeated, but it took place without her even in contention. We'll see in South Korea if Yuna un-retires after taking some time off again.

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Most athelets and audiences, except for Koreans, wondered the impossibily inflated score of Yuna Kim in her Vancoover Olympic. Russian skater was stolen her gold from an American skater at Saltlake Olympic. Figure skating is all corrupt, and at least Kim is the favourite of the judges, being given lots of extra GOE points for something not worth.

It is well known that Korean judges always inflate Kim's scores and some other judges are bribed to give points and dismiss wrong edges, etc. In any event, her technical components weren't that difficult compared to Stonikova, and her execution of spins, steps and spiral was quite poor. She probably knows it herself. She skated better before.

I am really surpirsed that Kim's free-skating score was higher that those of Asada or Kostner whose degree of execution was much much better and moving, and Asada doing a much more difficult programme that none other can do.

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"KIM YUNA WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Or, she just wasn't as good as Adelina.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

I am really surpirsed that Kim's free-skating score was higher that those of Asada or Kostner whose degree of execution was much much better and moving, and Asada doing a much more difficult programme that none other can do.

And as I said before, people should also be surprised Sotnikova's free got a higher score than Asada's. The rabid anti-Kim/Korean posters (like Serrano), keep pointing out that Kim only had 6 triples to Sotnikova's 7. Well, using that logic, Asada should have got even more points than Sotnikova seeing that Asada had EIGHT triples and no stumbles like Sotnikova.

But because Asada was already out of the running, many Japanese (like my partner's colleagues and others) felt so happy on Friday because Kim didn't get gold. But I tend to point out that the corrupt judges' cheating also affected every other single non-Russian skater, like Kostner and Asada.

At the end of the day, I'm happy for Kim. Even before the competition, the fact there were Russian skaters competing in Russia meant that a gold medal really wasn't on offer to Kim (unless the Russians screwed up really badly like the 15-year old) Kim skated wonderfully and got the best she could. Gold and silver, back to back is great, so I don't know why the Japanese would be laughing. If I was mean, I'd be laughing that Asada ended with nada, zilch. But I don't want to drag myself to that level.

Hanyu is lucky that Pluschenko withdrew (and thus denied a sport to his own fellow countryman - classy). Otherwise he could have been another victim.

Remember, the next winter Olympics will be on Korean turf. While I don't want to see cheating again, if a Russian skater is on the receiving end, it would be hard for me to have any sympathy. It will be VERY interesting to see how Sotnikova does from here. Very interesting.

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