Ruthless England beat Australia to set up Women's World Cup final against Spain

By Martin PARRY

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Hats off to the Super Lionesses! They looked a class above and sharper than the Matildas. The goal by Ella Toone was brilliant and unstoppable. The equaliser by Sam Kerr was equally jaw-dropping! But the Englishwomen have finally found their mojo, and will take a power of stopping by La Roja on Sunday.

Big up to the Matildas on going deeper in a WC than ever before. They will be better for the experience in 4 years time. They have endeared themselves to previously non-football fans Down Under - giant steps made! Good luck to the Lionesses and La Roja on Sunday.

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England methodical and clinical in its game over Australia. Matildas fought hard, but outclassed by a relentless and resilient Lioness' team.

Hemp's goal was misplayed by Carpenter in a manner that was cringeworthy. She had leverage on the play, as those type of weakness' pop up for the lesser side.

Kerr had a couple of golden opportunities to put Australia ahead and later tie the game, but just off. Australia stretched it as far as they could and obviously a good showing for them at home. It sort of reminded me of South Korea getting to the semis in the Japan/ROK 2002 men's WC in how a home team got to the final 4.

Spain vs. England. Nice final. The beautiful game vs. the staunch, clinical one. England has a great methodical game. Spain has some really great individual players offensively and their ability to possess the ball is my pick to take the final.

We shall see. Fun stuff, this World Cup.

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As a matter of interest, since I am not currently there, was this women's world cup semi-final shown on live free-to-air TV in Japan? Or reported on flagship news programs? Or is Japanese media interest gone after Japan went out.

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@Moonraker, good question. I'm not in Japan yet (coming in October) but TV in Japan for most out-of-country sports coverage sucks pond water.

@sunfunbun, I'd place a bet with you, but we could never get together to pay out. Pity, eh? But, I must say I called the score in Spain's last game. Wouldn't want to try that again, believe me!

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The English women's soccer team, and not the men, are bringing "it" home... It's coming home!

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Watch the final England vs Spain here, also the 3rd place play off Australia vs Sweden Saturday free live stream

Highlights available scroll down.

Sorry I whish I posted sooner.

Well done England, real screamer from Kerr

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Must admit I didn’t fancy England to get to the final after watching them against Nigeria.

Peaking at the right time?

England perhaps slight favourites with the recent experience of lifting a major trophy.

Been a great tournament.

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Great news!

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Ruthless? How dare you wrote that Martin Parry!

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@itsonlyrocknroll. Thank you very much again!

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England obviously the better side. But as a footnote, the referee failed to exert early control by issuing yellow cards for blatant fouls by one team.

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The Lionesses have done it. Is football coming home?

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Great game. Less fouling than I had expected at the beginning. (This wasting time stuff at the end though was embarrassing. Has England no class?)

Cracking goals from both sides. Good luck on Saturday and Sunday to the both of them.

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Dusting off the England shirt ..

Will be watching the final on Sunday!

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