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S Africa weathers onslaught from Samoa to reach World Cup quarterfinals


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Great match! I would have loved to see Samoa score at the end, even if they couldn`t have won.

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Absolute piss poor reffing from that nigel owens idiot, he shoudl be put on a plan back to wales, he robbed samoa.

A welsh ref adjudicating on a pool game with the welsh team in it, what a joke. This world cup is becoming more and more ridiculous every day, the IRB are dick wits for destroying this tournament the way they have.

Samoa has had a raw deal out of this world cup

Shame on you IRB

Samoa could have one that game last night if the ref wasnt biased to make sure his beloved wales team got through coz he made sure samoa lost, what a joke.

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Good point, EE! I never made the connection, but the ref was talking to the Samoan captain like a principal/ headmaster talking to a truant student or class clown! "End of discussion!" Wanker!

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Alesana Tuilagi is awaiting a hefty fine for wearing the wrong type of mouthguard. What the hell does that mean? It had a spike to injure tacklers??

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multi it wasnt an approved brand by the IRB but the Kiwis are having a wip around to get the money to pay his fine for him - Screw the IRB !

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Hey the dude had sneaked another sponser's name into the game, it's ambush marketing and everyone knew the penalties so stop playing the victim card. Dumb Samoan player got caught and is witching like a banker about it. Paul Williams getting sent of was a joke, Northern hemisphere refs are real good at screwing up good rugby games, not all but many.

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From a wallaby point of view it was good to see the Samoans soften up the boks...puts the aussies back in the contest...if Canada can take out the AB centres..well...Hit hard Canuck !!

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If Samoa focussed on playing the ball, they should have won the match. Instead, they focussed on roughing up the opposition which took their players out of the game.

The referee yellow carding John Smit was a sympathy call.

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