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S Korea surprised by 2020 Games venue relocation reports


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“We were surprised because the reports came out of the blue,” said the official

hope next bewilderment does not come from Beijing...!

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I knew it! I called it. I was SURE that they would bring SK in to bail Japan out- just like in 2002 for the world cup. History repeats itself.

We already have the facilities so all we need is a few months for minor adjustments,” Kim told AFP.

contrast that with the dog chasing its own tail that is the Japanese Olympic Committee

Tokyo’s preparations for the 2020 Games have been plagued by controversy since beating Madrid and Istanbul in the bidding race three years ago.

Controversy? That's nice. I'd call it embarassments and scandals.

Most worryingly, French prosecutors launched an investigation into $2 million in payments they suspect were made to help Tokyo secure the Olympics. Japanese Olympic officials have strenuously denied any wrongdoing.


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Translation: Representations were made to the IOC by Japan on the fly with respect to options to reduce / address costs. Not discussed in advance, but on the fly.

But, hey, after Brazil, what's a little uncertainty over venues?!

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Oh, this is humilitating

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Geez, maybe it wouldve been a good idea to ask them first, IOC?! There is a good chance they don't want part of another money-pit olympics - hell, no-one else does!

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This farce just keeps on rollin'... I think the Chinese have a few facilities you could borrow in a pinch Japan

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SK had no idea because it was a poorly veiled threat. And it sure will work! We're going to see ACTUAL work on budget reduction now and not just lip service. I mean, imagine the humiliation! This is why they need to threaten nations like Japan by saying they'll put it somewhere else, like taking away heritage status for Fuji and giving it to another nation if Japan doesn't live up to its word on that.

Even this threat is going to cause HUGE ripples, with probably the PM suddenly interested in costs, etc.

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Geez, maybe it wouldve been a good idea to ask them first, IOC?!

This is the IOC, they don't need to ask.

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Kudos to the unnamed South Korean sports officials for openness, honestly and not taking political advantage. All roads led to Japanese Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa

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Again, it's a threat they probably have no intention on carrying out, but that they know will be effective. Hence not contacting SK about it. Had they contacted SK and asked about feasibility, it'd mean the decision's made.

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Another crazy thing is they are going to close Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center for 7 months to use it as the media center. Around 170 major international exhibitions will have to be cancelled.

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If the Miyagi facilities are up to snuff then moving it all the way to SK doesn't make sense. Breaking up major games into manageable pieces is perfectly reasonable without IOC threats.

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Might as well just move the entire 2020 Olympics to South Korea .

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My oh my!! When I first glanced at this I thought SK was surprised venues outside of Tokyo were going to be considered, but all they way to SKorea!!!!

Yikes! Its going to be interesting to see who started this train of thought for sure. And yes this in now HUGELY embarrassing for Japan all round

Will be interesting to see whats next!!!

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JODC: Japan Olympic Disorganizing Committee

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And where is the report following the meeting Bach had with the (quasi) Olympic minister?

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sfk2: "If the Miyagi facilities are up to snuff then moving it all the way to SK doesn't make sense."

Obviously that's been taken into account, but even Miyagi said it'll take quite a bit of money (fraction of JOC approved area, but still) and prep time. It's pretty clear they thought about that and didn't just choose out of a hat. Seems poignantly chosen as well, knowing the mention of rival SK taking part would finally get the gears moving.

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IOC: If you don't build it, we won't come and we'll move the Olympics to Korea! What do you say to that?

Tokyo: Okay.

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Tokyo Olympics, but not in Tokyo...ummm....and not in the host country... it only me, or does this sound really silly!

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Wow. Move Tokyo Olympic events to South Korea? Did not see that coming...

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Ouch... This hurts! Especially after all that money spent on fake logos etc. This is the price of being unrealistic.

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O.K. I'm willing accept 50% of the original fee for design of the 'Asia 2020 Olympic logo'... just sayin'.

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SK had no idea because it was a poorly veiled threat. And it sure will work! lets hope it does, it basically directed at the construction firms in Japan who collude with each other to fix prices high, if they won't play ball and drop prices to reasonable levels then they should give some events to SK that already have the facilities. Japan just cant continue to have a open taxpayer checkbook to these goons.

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There are no checkbooks in Japan. Gosh, I'm funny.

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This reads just like an Onion article.

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Clearly Tokyo 2020 organizing committee President Yoshiro Mori, and Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa are colluding hand in glove.

Briefing media through third parties (unidentified Japanese sources) to slap down and undermine Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike authority is such a public fatuous manner is beyond contempt. The LDP ruling government are incensed, still seething with anger at the spectacle of Yuriko Koike standing against one of their own and subsequent landslide victory.

Then to cap it all having the audacity to follow through with a commitment to reign in the out of control costs of a sporting event that will have to primarily funded by Tokyo hard pressed tax payers.

The callous conniving insidious manner to cultivate the suggestion that the IOC and President Bach through threats of intimidation, warned that moving an event to South Korean city of Chungju, knowingly would be a anathema to Japans cultural status of efficient delivery, reputation, dishonoring the country status and esteem without prior forethought is just an act nonsensical insanity.

I may not agree with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike approach, but I respect the mandate, admire her tenacity and perseverance.

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God ruck with that Korea. It wont happen

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Ha ha! How can they have a Tokyo Olympics in another country? Would that mean another new logo?

This sounds like the Olympic Committee trying to shock/blackmail Tokyo into doing what the Olympic Committee wants. Not least because SK wasn't in on it with any kind of planning.

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But the olympics should change. Always wasting massive ammounts of money and space. It sure is cool but not more than that

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The sign of things to come, truely international games.

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Oh just give up and send it all back to London! August in Japan and Korea is hell. Hot, Humid and dangerous for athletes. How many Japanese die each summer is in epic numbers. Kids and old people suffer most. Restaurants are a smokers paradise so you get second hand smoke and smelly clothes. I will not get on the subject of Fukushima nuclear problems or I will be up all night.

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Some one is making the trouble in the name of costing cutting.

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KiyoshiMukai: "God ruck with that Korea. It won't happen"

Do you mean "good luck"? In any case, it wasn't them that suggested it -- they were surprised as much as anyone. It was the IOC. And the only way it won't happen is if the organizers here get their acts together. Kook's trying, but is meeting the usual old man resistance.

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Perhaps this will open the doors to becoming a truly open Olympic games that it's supposed to be and not some marketing, bribing, my legacy, tourism, money making farce it's becoming to be.

No sane Nation wants to host the entire Olympics at considerable cost that does not pay itself back in anyway. Sure you have a few weeks of increased tourism and a very expensive travel PR campaign.

Sure, Japan isn't the greatest location to spread the load, but Europe would be perfect to host the Olympics in multiple countries. About time the 21st Century Olympics do things differently and smartly.

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This is my guess. This year Japan stopped to pretend cash short and began splashing money to small countries. IOC thinks it is time to swindle money from Japan it created Korea story Koike can cancel Olympic now. J don't need Olympic to increase tourism. .

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When you don't have good relationship with your neighbors..

The International Olympic Committee played Japan against South Korea. Similarly , like USA played/playing Japan against China.

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why dont they just spread it all over asia, with just an opening here in tokyo.. much easier and no need building anything

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What a disgrace. What does Koike have to gain in doing this besides cheaper price tag on Olympic games? Sooner or later it'll be evident what it is.

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This is a marriage made in heaven!!!

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Omit 2020....

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

There are no checkbooks in Japan. Gosh, I'm funny. oh ok then brown paper bags or large suit cases full of cash

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Oh just give up and send it all back to London! what they cant even pay for the last Olympic games, now with Brexit theyll need all the cash the can save.if any

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oh man, I just wish this would happen, will be a huge slap in the face for Japan, and make people really realize that it isn't the same country it was in the 60s.

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And remember: Fukushima nuke mess is to be all taken care of in time for the (2020) Olympics.

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Qhile some people think that. THIS could be possible, it could be moved to any lake in Japan outside Tokyo

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Tokyo Olympics, but not in Tokyo...ummm....

When will people get a grip. Few Olympics are held totally in the host city no matter the "name" of the Olympics. Rio, London, others as well had venues outside the host city.

But folks here get their knickers in a bind because the bid was supposedly awarded on the "compact" and "fiscal" aspects of doing it in Tokyo. So the awarding of the bid was based upon lies and maybe some cash.

Koike is doing her damnedest to get things right. The IOC is playing games, and I'll bet the idea for SK came from the Japanese Olympic minister herself, to put a burr in Koike's bonnet.

And remember: Fukushima nuke mess is to be all taken care of in time for the (2020) Olympics.

Without paying for the Olympics, maybe so.....

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I guess some people here have Ideas of how to coean up Fukushima

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wtfJapan hit the nail on the head. that's all you need to know

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I was SURE that they would bring SK in to bail Japan out- just like in 2002 for the world cup. History repeats itself.

How so? Can you provide links to that?

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