Salah double helps Liverpool to 3rd straight win in EPL


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Salah is phenomenal - world class.

Man U are looking more and more like the Man U of the 80s. It’s really nostalgic. I might grow a mullet.

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Man U are looking more and more like the Man U of the 80s. It’s really nostalgic.

But Man U of the 80s were largely alcoholics, I believe. Watching that shambolic performance against Palace it certainly looked a few of them had had a couple of bracers before going out on the pitch.

I might grow a mullet.

Don't even joke about that.

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Watched the game, it was good and Liverpool played very well except for one goalkeeping error, again, but it didn't result in a goal and the Liverpool defense were caught out when Chelsea were able to put one away, Two great goals and a pen. Well done to our boys!

Watched some of Man U game, yawn?

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Correction:Should be Arsenal not Chelsea, too many games already!

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Watched the chelsea & man u games, some very clumsy defending in both games. Man united were poor but martial should have gotten a penalty. not even a var check!?

Agree re liverpool & salah, already looking like a well-oiled machine (salah's 2nd was pure class)

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well the game was really nice and i would say salah did really well and all the goals were nice

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