Salah magic leads Liverpool to 5-2 win over Roma in Champions League semis


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Amazing Liverpool with 5-0 and should have closed the shop at that point. Roma were not playing like Italians until the last 15 minutes. Brilliant Liverpool goals especially Salah the Liverpool Egyptian God.

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Hopefully those sloppy last ten minutes (& 2 goals) won’t come to haunt Liverpool

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As a Roma fan this would be a much harder comeback for us. Liverpool were better by far unlike Barca who where quite lucky to win 4-1 in the first leg (2 own goals and pks not given) .

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Bunch of Roma fans (about 20) attacked Liverpool fans before kick off, one armed with a hammer and put a fan critical in hospital two Roma fans arrested for attempted murder. So I hope we don't see further escalation for the second leg. I love Roma, great city and my youngest brother has lived there for more than 30 years. He's also a Liverpool fan.

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Salah is so clinical.His foot is like a paintbrush.Firmino played a blinder too.Those 2 last goals were sloppy but it was well worth waking up at 3.45 for.Fantastic game

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waking up at 3.45 for.Fantastic game

There are several replay sites. I watched the game during my breakfast. Easy to find online.

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Unbelievable! Liverpool are the best team in Europe now, and Mohammed Salah is the best striker in World Soccer. Even better now than ROnaldo and Messi.Livepool should win final if they continue like this form. I watched the replay and it was the best soccer I have ever watched. Also, I think Egypt could win the World Cup (or at least make Semi) with Salah unstoppable by any world teams!

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In January Coutinho departed for Barcelona because he wanted to play championship football. He's great and very skilled footballer and and was a good servant for Liverpool. When a player of his caliber leaves a team there's an impact but since the Coutinho left, the front three, Salah-Firmino-Mane got better. Ironic that Barcelona was knocked out of the championship by Roma.

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Salah is magnificent. Great attacking display by Liverpool but the all too common defensive lapses are a worry. I fancy Liverpool to score at Roma ( probably Salah ) and I can’t see a repeat of the Barcelona tie.

I hope Liverpool go on to win the tournament. Great for my hometown and they are a superb side to watch.

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