Salah says he is not asking for 'crazy stuff' in new Liverpool deal


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Salah is worth every penny of what he asks for. Best player in the world. Liverpool can build a team around him that can dominate for years.

Sign him NOW Liverpool before Barca offers him double!

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…so $408000 weekly is not a « crazy stuff » for him ?

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He does deserve more recognition. 7th on the Ballon d'Or list is a joke.

But last time they reported he requested £500,000 a week, which turned out to be fake news.

I think he wants to at least be the highest paid player on the team and deservedly so, when he is one of the top players in the world.

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Probably short of cash at the end of each week.

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I think he should run down his contract and join Newcastle on a free transfer.

Liverpool lost Wijnaldum over wages, and Salah would be a much bigger miss.

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The greed of some of these guys is off the charts...( not excusive to soccer ).

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah says he is not asking for "crazy stuff" ......looking for a weekly salary of more than £300,000 ($408,000).

Sure , he is a great player but almost $ 400K per week is not crazy? and thats before all the commmercial endorsements.....wonder how much of their insane salaries do these players regularly donate to charities?

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