Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34


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Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34

Just pray that there will be no other pandemic at that time. Japan still have money to go to 2030 Winter Olympics after 2020 Summer Olympic?

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Sapporo has a similar figure — $2.4 billion to $2.6 billion. However, Olympic expenditures typically overrun estimates, and accurately predicting costs a decade from now is impossible.

Probably more accurate to turn those numbers around $4.2 to $6.2 billion and then add some more.

Japan, stop wasting tax money on pointless sports events with minimal public interest.

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Sapporo is not known to have a technical visit lined up, but a Japanese bid would have to be among the favorites after officially spending $13.6 billion to organize the one-year delayed Tokyo 2020 Olympics. At least 60% was public money and probably more with government audits showing Olympics costs were higher than reported.

Why always referring to the original official figure over the last known-but-no-yet-final-figure of 4 trillion Yen from last year?

A study by the University of Oxford says Tokyo was the most expensive Olympics on record.

Humiliating to be told what everybody in this country has already known from the start...

Sapporo has organized an “All Japan” conference next week, led by former Prime Minister Taro Aso to promote the bid and showcase the backing of government and Japanese business.

Is Aso's involvement supposed to reassure all of us after Mori's performance? Just shuffling the seats with old geezers suffering from foot-in-the-mouth disease sitting on them?

Neither Sapporo nor Salt Lake will hold referendums. Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto has said surveys of 10,000 people — online, on-street, and by post — show support at between 52% and 65%, Akimoto has given no details of the methodology or the reliability of the surveys.

Everything you need to know about the public's "desire" to hold the Olympigs.

Nagano held the 1998 Winter Olympics and paid off the debt from those Games several years ago.

1998 was 24 years ago. "Several years ago" is fuzzy. How many years ago exactly? 10? 20? Or 1? 5? Not exactly the same.

Long story short. As for the Tokyo Olympics: seemingly not much of a push from the public, much push from the J-gov and tons of smoke around the costs, the financing and the reimbursement. Nothing to see here, folks. Sleep all well, the LDP is taking charge of it.

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I think Vancouver will get it for political reasons, it would be the first Olympics hosted by First Nations. Plus Vancouver/Whistler did a great job in 2010.

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The people of Japan lost so much tax payers money from the 2020(2) Olympics.

But corrupt politicians end up make a killing from it!

So, why would Japan ever want to host the Olympics again?

And so soon?

And lose even more tax payers money?

That's even MORE corrupt politicians can steal more money!!!!

Ahh, the beauty of politics in Japan.

Screw The People over, again and again and again.

Yet somehow, The People continue to vote these corrupt politicians again and again and again.

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Apparently Japan doesn't have any tamago on her face from the multibillion dollar red ink on the 2020 Summer fiasco...

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Will they even led foreign IOC members into Japan to wine and dine over the bid by then? Because, correct me if I'm wrong, the restrictions on people coming into the nation are still incredibly NOT in the spirit of international unity and the Olympics.

But, Japan wants every single international event under the sun at the same time, all for recognition and the recognition alone (as long as it's positive). Never mind that the government doesn't have enough money to give its citizens any kind of relief during the pandemic (but can still throw it around Asia and other nations). The bids alone will cost the taxpayers millions. And Japan will get one of the two dates for sure, because no one in their right mind wants to host it anymore.

I'm just curious what victim approach they are going to use this time: 1) to be the only nation attacked by nuclear weapons to be bidding for those Olympics, and to help the victims of those bombings like in the 2020 Olympic bid? 2) To prove how Japan, which suffered horribly in the 3/11 disasters, has reconstructed and overcome in the Tohoku region? 3) North Korean abductees' kin will feel better?

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Will Japan have reopened its borders to tourism by 2030?

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Salt Lake and Sapporo are both ideal choices. Neither place has a history of bribing IOC officials.


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A sad and pathetic waste of money.

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Better snow, no guns, no racism.. Sad but true, lol !!..

No racism? One word: Ainu!

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Japan is so desperate to stay relevant as it’s population and currency plunges while its debt keeps rising. It has become so out of touch with its people. Just the same old same old over and over again.

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These people are insane! Olympics are toxic and cursed.

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I hate the Olympics. Just have the annual World’s competitions and be done with this crash grab for the IOC swine.

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We don't need the Olympics!... why not put the money in better use and help the needed who are suffering during this pandemic

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If Salt Lake City was involved in previous bribery, they should not be allowed to host another

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Why oh why are countries still paying homage to the IOC. They are one of the most corrupt organisations on earth, along with their fellow bed wetters FIFA.

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Seriously, who cares? Doesn’t AP have anything better to do?

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LDTMMay 3  09:29 am JST

Oh please, for the love of God don’t make us pay for another one of these mother-of-all-grift events

Salt Lake City again? For God's sakes, people. That city is deep in the heart of nowhere and they had an Olympics there in 2002. If we have to have the Games in America so soon why not pick a city that never has had them before? This is getting so damn redundant.

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