Sapporo budgets ¥700 mil in road repairs for Olympic events


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Ah yes. Japan has four seasons - one month of bitter cold, one month of rainy season, one month of jungle heat and nine months of road repair...

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the 'let's get out the best china for the visitors' syndrome.....

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Doing road work in Hokkaido, in winter? I feel sorry for the folks who have to get out there and do it!

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"8.7 kilometers of the 10.7-km portion of event routes under its jurisdiction will require repair"

Wait a minute - 700 MILLION yen for 8.7km of repairs? I'd like to see the bidding process for this contract please.That looks like a whole lot of pork.

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As usual, construction companies taking their cut of the cake.

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The classic yakuza construction union scam. Ever wondered why perfect roads in Tokyo get relaid?

Now this has come up local government is being pressurised to reconstruct with the yakuza and other officials skimming a percentage off the contracts.

There is a quiet road near to me in Sumida-ku with absolutely no traffic - you can count the traffic even during rush hour. The road is perfect and has been relaid at least twice since I moved there 18 months ago. You could hold the Olympic skateboarding final on it.

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You wanted it, Governor. Do it right.

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I won't argue the rights or wrongs of this, but will state that it was obvious when the decision was taken that there would be lots of big costs involved in moving the marathon. It will cost a lot and it was entirely predictable that it would cost a lot.

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so it's should not be Tokyo Olympics anymore. It should be TOKYO X SAPPORO Olympics. I wonder how this got away, I thought there is a preliminary presentations and deadlines of each bidding candidates' exact plans to win the deal? Obviously this is not included in that presentation and the Tokyo Olympic committee is getting away with it. Indeed Japan is the world's favorite.

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Would be interested to see the costings for this, and what's being targeted.

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