Sapporo eyes 20% cost cut in bid for 2030 Winter Olympics


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Why do they never learn the lessons from the Olympics??!! Are they stupid? After the financial disaster that was Tokyo they still want to bid?! They’re honestly mad

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I can't imagine more than 10% of Japanese would want anything to do with this at any cost.

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Zero public money, or just cancel it.

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I see The anti-Olympics crowd are back.

they must’ve been ecstatic upon seeing this news item

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These facilities were built in the 1970's, that will be 60 years ago, these facilities must be totaly out dated? I can see that ski jumps and one or two other items might be ok, but lets think of the accommodation blocks, will the toilets, doors, windows, cooking facilities all have to be upgraded? the phone lines, disabled access, more car parking, internet. the list goes on and on, I just hope they have thought about this a lot.

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This is basically pork-barrel corruption!

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This screams 'I wanna lose as much money as Tokyo did'.

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Let me guess... also going to be the most compact and technological in history?

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And going to show of Japan's reconstruction from 3/11 while also being the only nation to have suffered atomic bombings?

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One more question... have they actually yet disclosed how much the Tokyo Olympics cost? The one they promised would be the cheapest Games in history? Or will they wait until after 2030 to do that now?

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Hopefully they take the profits from the Tokyo Olympics and use it for Sapporo.................wait.

There weren't any.

Never mind!

Didn't Australia just win the Olympic bid, with NO OTHER bidders involved?

Maybe Sapporo should just offer $100 USD.

They'll definitely win with that bid, as it will be the only legitimate bid for 2030.

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Sapporo eyes 20% cost cut in bid for 2030 Winter Olympics

I suggest a 100% cost cut but cancelling the bid. We've seen enough of how the cost-saving-Olympics-in-a-pocket turned out in Tokyo and how costs skyrocketed up to around 4 trillion JPY (not including the maintenance fees which will continue to be paid for useless as in "non-used" facilities that were build for that nonsense).

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Enough of the Olympics.

If there is money to spare cut my taxes!

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. Nowhere is it more apparent than inviting the IOC back here again so soon after the summer games circus.

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Instead of wasting tax payers money on another global party, how about helping residents and cutting the national debt?

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This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

Its like Sapporo just watched Tokyo get mugged by a gang of thugs on a dark street and instead of running away its waving its wallet around and shouting “Hey, I sure do got a lot of cash around here” at all the people it just saw mug Tokyo.

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Sapporo eyes 20% cost cut

It is not about reducing the cost, but the budget forecast.

Olympics cost prevision or budget has always been kept low for the bid, then cost has surged after that.

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According to the sources, Sapporo will seek to avoid constructing new facilities that are likely to become unnecessary after the games, while also reviewing personnel numbers.

Please please do not be taken in by this nonsense.

There is no bobsleigh track on Hokkaido and absolutely no need for one. Nagano's has finally been left in ruins after sucking up a fortune in public money.

There is no ski resort on Hokkaido big enough for the downhill or Super G. Niseko is way too low. They will have to make a ski run especially for it like the last Sapporo Olympics. It will involve cutting down huge swathes of forest and smash every SDG.

There is probably no cross country skiing facility with the right kind of short loopy track that keeps passing the competitors past big grandstands to keep spectators in a small area. No-one is allowed to watch on the course any more for security reasons.

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I might still be alive, should be living in Japan again long before that

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These Japanese have a different culture, than the people of Honshu, even though they are Japanese national

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