Sapporo says it won't hold referendum on 2030 Winter Olympics bid

By Yuri Kageyama

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Obviously they know the result will be NO so they won't have a vote. Disgraceful.

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When is that mayor up for election? I hope the voters turn him out.

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Sapporo is the only place this can be held without using a lot of fake snow. Even Sochi used up to 80%.

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The Japanese city of Sapporo has no plans to conduct a public referendum on holding the 2030 Winter Olympics, Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto said Wednesday.

Shoving it down people's throats then? Great attitude - not.

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@Lamilly, you seem to have forgotten that Vancouver's winter olympics made money. And had that most important feature of a winter olympics - snow. Although it really wasn't Vancouver - Whistler/Blackcomb is a few hours away. But, having skied there since the early 70s, I'll vouch for its value (not including the absurd cost of accommodations these days).

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We don't want those winter Olympics here in Sapporo, thank you very much.

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