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Sato becomes first Japanese to win Indy 500


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Congratulations to Takuma on a great win!

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Contgrats too for the victory! I'll say one thing, that is one hell of a picture.

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Great race Sato. You now own a huge trophy.

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WWell done, excellent photo!

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Congratulations Sato-san! I wonder if we could, now, get some news of major motorsport events from around the world in Japan.

Sorry, I know, too much to ask.

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You'll find the Monaco Grand Prix story in the Sports section.

PhantomAgent: "I wonder if we could, now, get some news of major motorsport events from around the world in Japan."

What are you talking about? Aside from "World", the "Sports" section of this site covers more international events than any other section, which is pretty good given that it is a site dedicated to news in or on Japan.

And good on Sato!

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Congratulations! See, you doubters, Japan still has PAZAZZZ! One more sign we are not down and out.

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This is all it takes to propel the sport to a wider audience in Japan like it did rugby, woman's soccer and softball.

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Congratulations for a fantastic race and great finish. All the drivers showed great courage and skill, and it is a difficult task to win this race

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Congratulations, Takuma!

Great race, great photo, great win!

Everything I hear from everyone about Sato-San tells me that he's an excellent driver, a gracious winner, and an inspiration to all.

I wish him continued success and happiness.

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Sensational stuff - well done Mr.Sato! Wish I had watched the race, sure looked more exciting than the Monaco F1 snooze-fest with no overtaking. Maybe - just maybe - Mr.Sato will get another shot at F1 in a top-3 team? It still seems odd that a Japanese has never won an F1 race, and Takuma could be just the driver to rectify this.

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Report about motorsports in Japanese major media is always small.

2 ( +2 / -0 ) pleased for Sato...and Japan

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Wow, I just saw 15 seconds of the Indianapolis 500 on NHK News 7. I am without words! Do thinks the director of NHK reads the comments section of Japan Today?

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Do you think?

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500 miles going 220 mph side-by-side racing with open wheels............ they're crazy

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Congrats! Although racing is not my thing... Now if we could have sumos in motorcross I would watch that!

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JT. Why am I getting two different Auto Racing sections? Which section is the similar article below in?

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OK, so a bit of playing around shows me that these two articles exist within Sports in general, but not 'in' Auto Racing, which although clickable, is not a subsection with articles inside it.

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