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Sawa set to quit international soccer


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She had a good run.

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Good decision, not only has she achieved much personally but she has pushed the team into being the success it is now. She can hold her head high and I hope that her achievements are recognised when the Emperor gives the annual awards (can't remember what they are called). Obviously she will do well for a while from TV appearances and advertising and may have a career in coaching for a while. Anyway, well done Sawa san.

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Ms. Sawa is great, and if she does not stop while she is still young, she is giving up her chances for more gold, like a gold wedding ring, so I do hope she does have a great guy to love and marry, she is beautiful, not just her physical appearance but must have such a strong mind too, Otsukaresama Nadeshiko Japan! We need more trainers like her for the ladies in Mexico who also want to play soccer.

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All the best and remember that many in the world really appreciate your poise and standard as a human being, Homara Sawa. THANK YOU.

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I've never watched women soccer before, but Nadeshiko Japan and Homare Sawa has changed it all for me. Her team plays better than some men's team and are an inspiration to all soccer fans. ありがとうございました!

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Thanks for the thrills. We will remember them for a long time! You were great!

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Ms. Sawa is great, and if she does not stop while she is still young, she is giving up her chances for more gold, like a gold wedding ring


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I'm not interested in Women's Football at all, but those women and men at work talk about them endlessless. I have to read this article to join the gossips....

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Homare Sawa, you will always be remembered. Otsukaresama and I wish you all the luck . Youre a great player.

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She can't quit! I forbid it! Expressly!

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Scuttlebutt has it that political parties in Japan are approaching her to start a career in politics. Hope she does the right thing and tells them to stuff themselves. You are too good to be wasted in Nagatacho, Sawa-san! Become a coach or teacher - someone who will make a difference in the lives of the youth of Japan.

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