Scalpels out for Japan soccer coach Aguirre


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It's about time that Japan got a Japanese coach for it's team.

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They got to the 2nd round at the 2010 WC under Okada

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I agree on the Japanese coach. Maybe Miura could coach the team. He sure would bring a lot of spirit to the team.

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The team is filled with passionless, lackadaisical players. Their doesn't seem to be a leader amongst the players or heart.

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Unfortunately the Blue Samurai coach has still not been able to talk the talk and walk the walk. It is becoming clear that he probably is not the real deal. Can we wait patiently or should we considering axing him? Nothing is happening. Results is what counts. The proof is in the pudding.

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'They got to the 2nd round at the 2010 WC under Okada'

Okada did a great job as Japan manager but the group Japan faced in 2014 was a cut above the one they faced in 2010. Ivory Coast and Columbia had players in a different class to anything available to Zac and Greece are a hard nut to crack for any side. Aguirre should be judged after the Asian Cup - games that matter.

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Christopher: "They got to the 2nd round at the 2010 WC under Okada"

And you know what Okada said? To his credit, and until then the team, under him, had been doing dismally, he said, "It could have been anyone else and the result would have been this same. I just stood here". Well, something like that. The thing is, once Japan beat Holland, which was not at all expected given their losses in friendlies leading up to the real thing in the WC, they got the motivation they needed to work together and win. After that it was all up and up until they faced a far better team and lost. Since then they've switched coaches at least twice, and the coach is ALWAYS blamed no matter the fact that it's the players attitudes and performance that have not changed at all. He can rotate them around until the cows come home -- the fact remains they just don't play well as a team, and there are no strikers solid and consistent enough to put Japan in any league with European or teams in the Americas (that make it to the WC, that is). I mean, look at the fact that the teams under these coaches previously did very well. You're telling me the SAME coach is to blame for a different team doing poorly? Unless that coach has suddenly become a different person I doubt it, and in fact a team generally hires a coach based on their performances and strategies they've employed in the past.

I'm not sure why people think hiring a Japanese coach will suddenly make the team a winner. That Okada was the coach when they did well was just coincidence (and again, proof of that is how badly they did in the lead up).

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@ cracaphat - English coaches are pretty ordinary, mate. How about the JFA throw Zillions of Yen to try and lure the great Alex Ferguson out of retirement ? "Fergie-Japan" has a good ring to it...

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Hajime Moriyasu should be considered. He built a very strong and consistent Sanfrecce Hiroshima team. He could build a strong and consistent Japan.

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They need someone who can fix their poor job at defending. 2012 FIFA Club World Cup champion with SC Corinthians, Adenor "Tite" Bacchi should be able to do that. Plus, he's available right now.

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Smith, it's true Japan did poorly leading up to the World Cup. That's why Okada changed to a 4-5-1 formation with Honda as the sole striker, even though he was a midfielder. That paid off as he scored and Japan won their first match. They actually lost to the Netherlands, but Honda had one goal and one assist in the third game and Japan advanced. Then they battled it out with Paraguay until they lost by PK shootout. I don't know which part of the match made you feel Paraguay was "far better."

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