Seahawks rout Broncos to win first Super Bowl title


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Way to go Hawks!!!!

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Told ya so.

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What a humiliating defeat for the hapless Broncos!

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Seahawks scored on safety, field goal, offensive TD run, defensive TD int return, special team kickoff TD, and offensive TD pass. How else can they score?

Offense puts butts on seats, but defense wins championships. Even in this age when all the new rules favor the offense.

The Broncos now own the #1, #3 tie, and #5 worst losses in Super Bowl history. When they go down, they crash 'n burn.

(Actually, I lied. The #1 worst loss in SB history, the Broncos were the #1 defense team.)

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I for one, definitely did not see this one coming ! Undoubtedly there will be those who said, "I told you so ! ". There always is after the fact. Anyway, congrats to the Seahawks, and more importantly, the 12th man.

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I hate the idea of the 12th man. At Seattle, Texas A&M, wherever . . . it is a ridiculous concept. Anyway, like many I did not see this coming. I thought Seattle could win, but that the game would be a lot closer. Kurobune is right about how Seattle "fans" are going to be saying how they knew this would happen.

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Can someone tell me when it will be broadcast on terrestrial NHK? Didn't have time to see it today....

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Wow, I never thought Seattle would have done that. Congrads Seattle fans (12) or what EVER.

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When 1st half was over with Bronco 0, we knew Seahawks would win, for a while Bronco 0. until late. I heard popcorn sales were up everywhere,

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Funny thing is that everyone commented about the Broncos and how they were on their way to win the Super Bowl win in the Peyton Manning article. Now everyone acts like a Seattle fan.

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