Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst


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Congratulations Naomi-san!

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Not like it's going to hurt all that much to her.

Sadly her outburst and the crowd reaction took away from a great performance by a young woman who idolizes Serena.

Even after all that, when Osaka was asked if she had anything to say to Serena she replied; "I love you"

I hope that Osaka doesn't learn to copy these traits of Serena's!

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I too watched this rant, and it reminded of my 4 year old's temper tantrums. She's 18 and has outgrown them. Clearly, Serena has not while the Champion, Naomi Osaka easily won by her world class play and behavior both the grand slam and the hearts of the entire world. To me she demolished Serena with her 6-2, 6-4 outstanding tennis.

I read several international news papers to get the world's take on this. I think the French summed it up best.

I've translated the relevant parts, and by the way, every where Naomi goes she will definitely get a standing ovation the minute she steps onto the tennis court to play:

I don’t know if you read French but this is right on:

Bourrée d’autodérision, la jeune femme de 20 ans est réputée pour être timide, douce et toujours polie. Quand on lui demanda si son titre allait lui donner confiance, elle eut cette réponse : « Disons que ça n’est pas exactement mon caractère. J’essaie simplement de m’amuser à chaque match que je joue parce que le tennis, à la fin, ça reste un jeu. Et parfois, quand on est joueur professionnel, c’est quelque chose qu’on oublie. »

I try simply to have fun in each match that I play because the tennis, in the end, it remains a game. And sometimes, when one is a professional player, it’s something one forgets.

Sur le terrain et en dehors, la cadette venait de donner une leçon à son aînée.

On the tennis court and off, the youngest gave a lesson to the oldest !!!

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I see that all the Williams supporters are pulling out the ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ cards - pathetic

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This is nothing more than a pat on the wrist, she needs to be banned for sometime.

Playing the sexist card is disgusting.

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Caption on photo - Selena saying “Don’t use that tone on me! Do you know who you’re talking to?”

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I saw an umpire doing his job and a tennis player acting like a rude brat. She stole a beautiful moment from a young player.... so much for being a spokesperson for women....and was a terrible role model for her daughter and other girls. Shameful. Just like the Clijsters match years ago. And the booing fans were just as bad, precipitating an apology from the young new champion..... how sad is that?

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She is worth $180 million. Paying that much is like us paying a 10yen fine.

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I see that all the Williams supporters are pulling out the ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ cards - pathetic

This always seems to be the excuse and in this case I don't believe it is applicable.

I once attended an Andre Agassi tennis match in San Jose, Ca (Just South of San Francisco). He lost the second set to a young fellow, and immediately broke his racket. When the umpire called him on this, he said the F* word 4 times, and thereby, defaulted the match. The umpire was a man and right on target. My friend and I paid $120 to see Agassi play. I noted that Andre should have stood at the exit and handed out $20 bills.

Pulling out the sexism/racism card is an over worn cliche. The punishment equals the act. And if one regards the matches press coverage, it's almost all about Serena. Sicko ...

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She needn’t even “pay” it as it’s being deducted from the prize money she gets for coming in second place.

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I am still waiting and hoping she is going to come out with a mea culpa statement, but i don’t see one yet...

This stuff about trying to be a “strong woman” and being punished for it, honestly if the ideal is for women (and be extension, men too) to behave as she did, I’d not like that to be encouraged. A strong woman (or man) would have just taken the rulebook as applied, put it aside and tried to win the match anyway - and actually won it too if good enough.

The umpire Ramos was just doing his job, if Serena can’t take code violations from a man, perhaps it is actually her with the issues around sexism that ought be addressed. There’s a question actually - had the umpire been a female, would Serena have lost her but in the same way? Who knows for sure, but I feel for Ramos, who has been working in tennis for decades and strikes one as a quality umpire.

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Why do we accept cheating as a normal part of most sports?

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It's possible that Serena may actually have had a point how men can get away with saying different things than women. But if that's the case, it's something that should have been brought up in protest after the match.

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fxgaiToday  10:12 am JST

I am still waiting and hoping she is going to come out with a mea culpa statement, but i don’t see one yet...

I think everyone would like to see that but, please don't hold your breath because it won't happen.

Williams is on the record as saying she was only "standing up for what is right" and, we all know, throughout her entire career, she has never considered herself to be wrong.

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fxgaiToday  10:12 am JST

The umpire Ramos was just doing his job,...but I feel for Ramos, who has been working in tennis for decades and strikes one as a quality umpire.

Umpire Ramos is a highly credentialed and respected tennis umpire, with many years of experience dealing with players of all temperaments.

His handling of Williams' on-court antics was totally appropriate and will not have damaged his standing in the world of professional tennis.

Rather, it will have done quite the opposite and, in the process, will have sent a clear message to other players of Williams' ilk.

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If Serena had something legitimate to bellyache about, she should've bellowed it out AFTER the match and out of Osaka's sight. She lost fair and square to Osaka and didn't act like a heroine example. I hope this doesn't rub off on Osaka. Serena showed Osaka how NOT to act when losing. Playing the sexist card is a very rotten example for rising stars like Osaka. Osaka IS a woman too, am I correct? This is Naomi Osaka's great defining Rising Star Moment, a great day for her life and hopefully more success and Serena Williams had to spoil her moment in the limelight by throwing a hissy-fit and acting like a 6-year-old.

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So that...that mother..."I don't need to chat to win"...woman...was actually cheating, right?

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She's not wrong about the double-standards, but her method of reaction was awful. On the plus side, it made Osaka look even more the angel. :)

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Ramos has an apparent history of being a rule stickler. He’s been that way with the big names in men’s tennis including Nadal and Djokovich. Also, he called Serena’s sister, Venus, on the coaching rule as well.

Seems like Serena came into this match unprepared. Who’s fault is that?

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well-deserved fine. a little too cheap for Serena though.

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I saw an Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley talking about to allow some kind of coaching during the game in woman tennis match on TV. I don’t know it’s a good idea or bad idea.

The *USTA President ***Katrina Adams** expressed more concern in defending Serena Williams instead of criticizing Williams' misconduct in an interview with ESPN on Sunday. Also, she went to criticize Ramos' officiating instead of praising his excellent umpired in the US Open final. She should be criticized Serena Willams’ misconduct and not rewarded by defending her bad behavior. It’s a disgraced.

Some of former US players, the sports writers and USTA officials were rushed to defend their fellow American and US tennis bad Mama Serena Williams’ bad behavior and criticizing umpire Carlos Ramos for doing his job and accusing him compromised the game result. They do not want to give credit to young gun Naomi-chan who beat Serena Williams twice. They have problems too. I can guarantee, Naomi-chan will beat Serena Williams without point penalized by umpire Carlos Ramos.

Serena Williams has a problem with given credit to other players who defeated her. She does not give credit to Naomi-chan sincerely in her runner up award accepting speech.

Serena Williams was always getting away with lesser or no punishment and she was always rewarded with something every time she was breaking the rules and insulting chair umpires and line umpires. And then, Serena Williams will go to claim, she is a warrior of Woman Tennis and woman rights in the WTA.

Naomi-chan beating her and the chair umpire taking action against her code violation is nothing to do with sexism and woman rights. Serena Williams is not a good role model for future young woman tennis players and young tennis fans.

She is making territory in the US Open and warning to umpires “Hey, look I’m Serena Williams, an American. I own here. I’ll do what I like to do. Don’t tell me what to do and not to do.” You can see like this only in Animals world.

Serena Williams will always make some kind of problems in the US Open. She will try to abuse and intimidate to chair umpire and line umpires in the US Open. However, you can’t be seen Serena Williams abusing umpire and line umpires in WTA tours and the Grand Slam tournaments outside the United State. The problems happened in her home soil only.

Serena Williams was trying to blame someone else for her losing a match to Naomi-chan. She found her victim the chair umpire Carlos Ramos and blamed Carlos Ramos’ officiating for her lost of the match. She thinks, it was reasonable excused and everyone will support her.

Serena Williams told to chair umpire Carlos Ramos “For you to attack my character is something that is wrong,” Williams continued. “You will never, ever, ever be in another final. You are a liar.”

I was curious about what she has told to chair umpire Carlos Ramos and Carlos Ramos was not present at the award ceremony. I have questioned myself about the USTA.

Who is the Boss of USTA? Serena Williams or Katrina Adams?

Also, chair umpire Carlos Ramos and line umpires were missing from the award ceremony.

Actually, Serena Williams was frustrated for unable to break Naomi-chan’s services and worrying about to lose the US Open Champion Trophy to younger player Naomi-chan. Also, she is trying to level with Australian great Margaret Court record 24 single Grand Slam titles. The record breaking is not only important for players and they must understand best sportsmanship is also important for all tennis players.

$ 17,000 fine is not enough for repeated serial violator like Serena Williams. She should be penalized for at least one Grand Slam tournament.

The USTA President Katrina Adams need to avoid the scenario of the Horse is riding on the Jockey instead of the Jockey was riding on the Horse. I hope the USTA Boss Katrina Adams is a Jockey and not a Horse.

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The most respected, and now retired, WTA tennis player, Martina Navratilova said, and this is a paraphrase, "Serena may have a good case here, but she picked the wrong place to resolve it."

Chris Evert after a post match interview with Naomi said, "Naomi is a breath of fresh air for the WTA." Mary Joe Fernandez and the other commentator (a woman) agreed.

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Naomi is a rising star, no doubt about it. She reached a highlight of her career and I hope it leads to further and greater success. Serena didn't have to be such a sore loser about it. She's done pretty well after giving birth but she spoiled the day for Naomi Osaka - the winner. Naomi idolized her and Serena acted not like a hero or a champ but a chump. And playing that 'sexist' card ain't gonna fly. Osaka is a woman too and she won. Period.

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Now that Osaka is rising up, maybe she'll be featured on a Wheaties box! That'll be a good sign.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Mentioning the racist /sexist card a cliche is an often used tool by racists :)

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Serena deserved to be fined for the outburst, but the chair umpire failed to "read the air" as well - kuuki yomenai (KY)


Either one could had de-escalated the situation, but neither did. For the 3rd code violation that resulted in loss of a game, the ump should had definitely given a final warning first --given the severe penalty-- instead of outright giving out the penalty without warning. Serena was talking too much, but umps have been called much worse than "you're a thief" (and on a questionable call) and again, it's a grand slam final plus it's 4-3 in the 2nd set with an already raucous crowd - the ump should had realized the gravity of that current situation

The call of the rule was by the book, but at that decisive period of a grand slam final, the rule was arguably called too tightly. A similar example is an important basketball game: the foul rule can be applied by the book, but at the last several seconds of a close game, everybody agrees that the refs should not call a foul unless a foul is egregious - instead "let the players play" because nobody wants the refs to get involved in a questionable deciding of a game

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Some of these comments are utterly stupid, and clearly the posters have jumped on the bash-Serena-bandwagon because it's the current thing to do. Don't act as if Serena doesn't have class simply because she had an outburst. This woman has dominated tennis unlike any other woman in the history of the sport. Could she have handled her case differently? Sure. But aren't we all guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us sometimes when we feel strongly about something? The woman was accused of cheating. That's a serious charge; she obviously felt adamant about her position. Yeah, she probably could have had "class" ( so sick of this buzzword). How dare people act as if Serena is now all of a sudden some problem child of tennis. She's a legend; she brings in millions to the sport. She has been vital to it's popularity. Stupid bandwagon comments. Jeez!

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Don't act as if Serena doesn't have class simply because she had an outburst

Indeed, anyone can have an outburst. She doesn't have class because she's already had far too many outbursts...

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Indeed, anyone can have an outburst. She doesn't have class because she's already had far too many outbursts..

Just like I said: bandwagon comments.

Serena has not had "far too many outbursts." She's had exacty 3 outbursts within 9 years.

Stop trying to paint her as some monster.

She's a human being that got emotional. That's it.

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smithinjapanSep. 10 04:38 pm JSTShe's not wrong about the double-standards, but her method of reaction was awful. On the plus side, it made Osaka look even more the angel. :)

How could it not make Naomi Osaka look more like an angel? She won gracefully and fair and square. She's now a STAR. Congratulations on your victory, Naomi. You are a champion.

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