Serena, Murray blast Djokovic on prize money disparity comments


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Djokovic is a great tennis player but now he is beginning to sound like Trump.

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Djokovic is just expressing his opinion, and why not, The ladies have had it too good, for too long ,they don't play the best of 5 sets at the slams , They don't put as many bums on seats as the men do, there aren't any top 4 on the current WTA tour as the mens, only serena who has won the last 4 out of 6 last slams, on the mens you have real competition more entertaining characters and rallies, but hey I,m just expressing my opinion...

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Though it should be noted that in 2015 US Open, the women's final sold out before the men's final did.

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I'd rather watch the girls myself.

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I agree with Marcels. Total BS that the ladies get the same prize money in slams. Equal pay for equal work is what they preach but NOT in the slams. It should be noted that outside of the slams, Indian Wells and Miami, the men (ATP) prove much more popular and have the sponsors. Look at the stats outside of the dual WTA/ATP events and you'll understand. ie...Doubles is much less popular than singles and they get over 1/2 the prize money (per team of course).

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