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Serena Williams wins 5th Wimbledon title


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Well done to the Pole for reaching the final..and,well hanging in there whilst Serena fluffed the 2nd set,but she was noticeably outclassed.

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Can there not be any sense of respect for the tradition of Wimbledon? US Open fine, do and wear whatever. Yet, Radwanska had perhaps the worst manners upon accepting her runner-up plate. Chewing gum during the ceremony and interview is truly classless. Williams' also looked and acted like a clown, wearing that spandex barney-suit, and later jumping into the crowd. She was the stronger umm ... player? (Not sure they test for testosterone levels in tennis)

Just ugh.

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Wimbledon does have a lot of snobbery surrounding it ( part of the reason for England's woeful performance is because it isn't an egalitarian sport in England ). Lots of Pimms, Sloane Rangers and strawberries and cream. Personally, I like to see a bit of character. Serena had just won Wimbledon - what do people expect? A brisk handshake and 'jolly good show, my dear'?

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