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Sex assault twist in cricket writer Roebuck's suicide


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I liked Roebuck's commentary and often read his columns - but at the end of the day people don't jump from balconies for no reason when they are being questioned over alleged sex crimes against minors. Roebuck certainly did lead a controversial lifestyle and rumours have been circling him for years.

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Lots of these guys involved with cricket are weirdos, remember the case in the carribean a few years ago where it was thought the umpire guy was murdered during the world cup i think it was , turned out his gay lover killed him or something similar, then there was the case of peter plummley walker the NZ umpire who was murdered by his hooker and her pimp, after the strangulation sex went wrong and they threw his body off the Huka falls (real name no pun) only to be found later bobbing around in the river below.

Aussies seem to love the cricket though, so there you go. lol.

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Lots of these guys involved with cricket are weirdos

Quite possibly true - but then again so are Rugby Union players. Specifically All-Blacks - http://www.foxsports.com.au/rugby/all-blacks-winger-zac-guilford-accused-of-bashing-two-people-while-naked-drunk-and-bleeding/story-e6frf4pu-1226193824750

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Yeah i notice that they didnt mention he then left the bar with the girls he had been partying with, weird alright mate , leaving a bar with a whole lot of girls.

He was wet and bleeding as he had dived into the sea and struck a coral reef thats how he got injured apparently and went to the bar to get help but it went wrong, and notice the people he assualted were aussies, you should get the whole story not just small bits that skirt the edges.

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You're right, ExportExpert. It's not weird at all to enter bars naked and bleeding, assault patrons, get arrested, spend the night in the lock-up and then claim to have no recollection of the events. Maybe for you cuzzy-bro Kiwis it's normal! LOL

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I remember the days when people being questioned by the South African police had a habit of jumping out of high windows. I'm sure that isn't the case here, but the story brought the memory up.

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BurakuminDes yeah it happens all the time the only difference is that it doesnt make the news headlines the same.

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That's true ExportExpert - but it just seems like Aussie and Kiwi footy "stars" that do this stuff (happens most weekends in Sydney pubs too) always seem to get forgiven and get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th chances - especially the talented ones...if the average Joe or Des pulls a stunt like this I don't reckon we'd get the same sympathy! Anyway, I think we have wandered a bit off topic now!

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I'm sure that isn't the case here, but the story brought the memory up.

Why so sure? Looks like he was gay and went after a black man. I would say its already quite the double strike in a place like South Africa.

Does a suicidal man ask a friend to get him a lawyer, then come to his room? Methinks the cops were not aware of that little phone call, as it does appear he made it on the sly. I would say "oops" but nobody seems to be paying any attention.

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