Angels' Ohtani doesn't record out in return to mound


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Perhaps the honeymoon is over? “I’m looking forward to the day we can get a little bit more aggressive with him. I know he is, too," Maddon said before the game. Aggression will not motivate a Japanese player--in fact, it will have the opposite effect.

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Maddon is a great manager, he is saying Ohtani will have to become a more intense battler like Arietta to succeed in the big leagues. But this season barely matters with 102 games cut from the schedule, cardboard cutouts filling the seats, etc. How are beer and hot dog sales doing? 2020 is a bust.

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His fastball velocity is down and hitters are probably sitting on it. Without a marked increase in velocity or a very reliable second and third pitch, he may be done pitching as a starter.

Maddon insists he's invested in Ohtani being a rare two-way player for what it also means to fans in Japan who have supported his quest. 

When the cameras are rolling, he has to say stuff that will appease MLB which is trying to appease the Japanese. In real terms, if the guy isn't able to win games, he will not pitch. Plain and simple, the team goal supersedes any one player's or some fairweather fans' feelings.

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Anyone can have a bad day. What happens most of the time is what counts, not one bad outing.

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You can't expect everyone who has TJ surgery to come back and become Max Scherzer. He may need time but heck, he can still hit which not many pitchers have that option. He can use this season to hit then work his way up to next season since this season is short.

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