Sumo wrestler's death after heavy fall sparks criticism of medical care


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Sorry to say but sports in Japan is so unprofessional when it comes to the physical well being of athletes. There are almost no protocols in place. It’s because they have this old school tough it out attitude.

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Not to worry, guys. The JSA will conduct an internal investigation.

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@simplefacts, I don’t know about NFL, I’m a hockey fan and I know the NHL has a strict concussion protocol in place. Also there are doctors fully equipped at every game and you don’t see players carried off the ice piggyback like you do here in Japan. It makes Japan look like the gong show it is.

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The sumo association said "a causal link between the wrestler's death and his injury is not clear at this point".

This may be true, but the declaration is tasteless and show a complete disregard of the responsibilities the association needs to shoulder.

This is a risky sport so not having anybody responsible of treating injuries ready to do it at any time is irresponsible, there is no need to add more danger from failures to treat opportunely the patients.

One thing that calls for attention is that the closest thing to a health care professional they could find to make a declaration was an acupuncturist. If a practice that has been so completely debunked by science is the only thing they have available for the people that are injured maybe not having anybody would even be an improvement.

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"Sorry to say but sports in Japan is so unprofessional when it comes to the physical well being of athletes"

Yeah right and the west is any better? Maybe you should read:

Concussions in American football

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It was pure and simple criminal neglect . As if treating an injured wrestler would take away anything from his dignity.

athletes in many sports accept, and should do, inherent risks in performing their sports but that does not excuse for increasing the risks and damage by those supposed to take care of them.

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I know they have there traditions not that raised dohyo can't be good for injuries let alone all the Geri's sitting around it. As for the NFL you've got to laugh when they do a great play they bash their heads together. Geniuses.

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women -- considered to be ritually unclean --

Only speculation. Nobody knows why women were originally not allowed in ancient times.

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Soooo, based on that speculation, why are they not allowed in now? Maybe because women talk too much?

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What about soccer? it’s been proven that heading the ball can cause long term brain damage. Not too bright.

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