Ohtani has 2 dazzling days to remember for Angels


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The Yankees are doing great this year

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Great guy, great player. Although I felt Vlad should have been the MVP last year.

Otani needs to win more games to be truly elite, and needs to up his batting average and OBP to be mentioned in the same sentence as truly great hitters like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, The Mick, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mike Schmidt, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. . . .he has a looong way to go.

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This is something we may never see again, unless Shohei does it.

His major issue (besides biting on pitches low and away. Come on, Shohei: don't chase!) is paying him what he is truly worth, would almost guarantee that he would not be on a championship team because there would be nothing left to pay other talent (unless of course the owner was willing to pay a huge luxury tax.)

I love his talent. I love his excitement for the game. I love the way he carries himself. I love his sportsmanship.

Kudos to his parents. They did a great job raising him.

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Too bad he's stuck with the Angels... at least for a while.

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A once in a lifetime player whose talents are being wasted on the Angels.

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One of a kind and a joy to watch.

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Simply a rare specimen and a true legend

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