Skateboard whizz-kid Brown chooses Britain in Olympic blow to Japan

By Alastair HIMMER

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Have fun, there's no pressure! where would that ever occur in Japan? Can't blame her

Based on time, tricks, and panache is enough for the Olympics. The point of the qualifier is to make sure it's at a certain level of play so this looks like a great opportunity. Expect this kid to be at multiple Olympics

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Do what you do best.

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Despite her outrageous talent, the teeny boarder, who stands just 1.34 meters has faced resistance from some event organizers reluctant to allow her to compete and risk embarrassing established skaters.

This sentence caught my attention. In addition to the deeply-rooted prejudice against hafu and the cultural bent for taking the joy out while ramping up the stress of high level pursuits, the hierarchical system must be upheld. God forbid that some pre-pubescent interloper upset all that harmonious order.

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I thought there was an age limit with the olympics, but evidently I was mistaken. Maybe for gymnastics?

Anyway, good luck to her.

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"I chose to compete for Britain because they told me 'Have fun, there's no pressure!' -- and I feel like that's the best way for me to skate my best,"

this speaks volumes about japan. have fun and all the best to her !

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Great for her! Such an adorable young lady deserves to enjoy her life. As a father of three, I do see how Japanese culture pressures their kids to perform. All the best to her. I'll be rooting for her, even though I'm not British, but who cares! She's talented and adorable.

Adorable child. Who cares what flag she rolls under.

I couldn't agree with you more.

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Ten year olds should be allowed to have fun.

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Japan has had snowboarding and skating prodigies before who've burned out, so perhaps this is a wise choice.

The worlds of showbusiness and professional sports have lots of messed-up people, most of whom became famous long past their 10th birthday. I don't think flying around the world to do sponsored stuff is a normal childhood. Even if she is exceptional on a skateboard, I don't see why her parents are pushing her to be on "Dancing with the Stars". That just sounds like full-spectrum commercialization of the child.

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She wants to enjoy her childhood? Well I’ll be!

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Oh my goodness, so there is no age limit, dear england will need all the success it can get after Bexit.

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With people like Mori running the show and criticizes half-Japanese Olympians for playing for Japan and losing, I would definitely hope my child chooses the other country. We love Japan but hate bigotry.

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Good on her! She's clearly been brought up well. Besides, she'll only be viewed as being Japanese here if she wins a medal

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When here you are viewed just as a strange little gaijin girl doing skateboarding, her decision was a no brainer.

Very good luck to her.

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I'd wish her luck whichever flag she was flying under but like the reasoning behind her choice. Enjoy your youth while you still can.

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Adorable child. Who cares what flag she rolls under.

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Oooh, she Osaka'd Japan. I bet it burnsssss, don't it?

Jk, good luck to the little lass

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Good on her for knowing what she wants and what will make her skate at her best. Best of luck!

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