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Skipper Yoshida fires World Cup warning after Japan 'fell apart'


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Who plays in front of Yoshida? Japan has a weak central midfielder in Endo who can not generate enough through balls or attack with the dribble. This game was Yoshida's fault, but Endo has cost them during big matches in the past. Shibasaki is just as horrible. Their formation and tactics needed to change to give a very defensive Tunisia a different look. Asano/Osako/Maeda should be up top and Junya Ito/Kamada/Minamino at Midfield and Yamane/Yoshida/Tomiyasu/Nagatomo in back in 4-3-3, maybe an experienced goal keeper and not Schmidt should be in there.

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It was his fault. Yoshida in the center of the defense made Japan look bad.

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Skipper Yoshida fires World Cup warning after Japan 'fell apart'

No, no. Japan didn't fall apart. japan is playing like japan.

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Yoshida loves talking big but quite often fails under pressure. He should left to grease up his hair on the bench. Tomiyasu would be much better in the middle of defence.

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Useless player

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It's kinda his fault, no?

Anyway, try better. Japan can do it.

U21 and U16 Japan are great!

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