Slick Arsenal wins to stay on top; United, City lose


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Having watched the Manchester Utd game last night it just reaffirms my belief that David Moyes and his ex-Everton backroom staff are way out of their depth at the club. They were a rabble against Citeh last week and last night they fell to a side who hasn't beaten them at Old Trafford in 35 years. I don't know why it is that Moyes has it in for Kagawa, but Kagawa was Utd's best player in that first half but took him off for a babyfaced 18 year old who never looked like getting into the game at half time. Kagawa should look to get out of there and go to a team who will play him where he loves to play - just behind the striker. Moyes is dismantling that club and turning it into a mid-table team for the future.

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Moyes could be fired by Christmas. I take no pleasure in saying that as an Everton fan who respects him. People talk about him needing time to put his ideas into practice but Moyes must finish in the top 4. If Man U look like they won't, and at the moment that doesn't look unthinkable, he'll get the sack. The dodgy form of Chelsea and City may be some consolation, but teams have won the title with fewer than 3 losses in a season. Sunderland next up - got to win.

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Manchester United 12th....LOL!!!

I had this really cool vision of them getting relegated. How I would love to see that!

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Yah! Way to lose Man U. God the mighty Reds.

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