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Smith rallies to beat McIlroy at British Open for 1st major


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I was delighted for Smith UNTIL I heard what he said about the LIV tour. I.e. he's going onto it if his "team all around him" can get a good deal. So, now I wished Rory had won to put it up to the LIV group, esp his fellow countryman McDowell.

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He's the first mullet to win The Open since John Daly in the 90s!

Interesting tidbit in the last round: McIlroy 2-putted every single hole - no 1-putt, no 3-putts, no hole-ins

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Until he signs on with the Saudis, that is.


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He has previously stated that the "mullet " will go if he wins a Major. Stunning back nine.

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Glad to see any non-LIV member win a major.

Until he signs on with the Saudis, that is.

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I was rooting for Rory, but glad to see Smith win. Glad to see any non-LIV member win a major.

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That’s a sweet sweet mullet.

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Great to see sporting events without restrictions such as masks.

Catch up Japan will you!

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Gonna be interesting to see if Smith joins the breakaway Saudi tour he has been strongly linked to. Seems like the PGA will allow these guys to keep playing anyway?

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So happy for the Aussie to win his first major!

He sank some unbelievable putts on the final round.

Tough break for McIlroy, he came so close. Good luck in the PGA in August.

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