Snooker chiefs push for inclusion in Tokyo Olympics


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This push for new events for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is getting ridiculous. Last week, it was 10-pin bowling. As much as I love playing snooker, it is not a sport. What's next? Ballroom dancing and tiddlywinks?

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Please tell me that this is a joke.

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At least it's a game of skill, unlike synchronised swimming or gymnastics, where people are judged on subjective opinions of "prettiness".

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Darts would be better. The supporters are fantastic and its about to enter its golden age.

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'What's next? Ballroom dancing and tiddlywinks?'

What's already here? Dressage and synchronized swimming. I'd put ballroom dancing on the same level as figure skating and over dressage. Give me snooker over people posing underwater in waterproof makeup or rich kids sitting on a trotting horse.

@Davestrousers Too right. The IOC is always going on about the Olympics fostering understanding and communication between nations. What could be better for that than a night on the piss watching the darts? The costumes would be brilliant.

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Yeah... not only would I not go to an Olympic venue to watch people play snooker, I wouldn't even watch them play it on TV.

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