It's the Australian Oven as temperatures soar


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I was in Sydney a few years back when it hit 47 or so, and it is scorching! The thing is, it's not that bad in the shade because the heat doesn't come with the humidity, but in direct sunlight it's brutal. Players should not be subjected to this kind of health risk.

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Welcome to the new abnormal of human induced climate change. Farmers have already been making crop and other adjustments for shifting growing seasons and now sporting events will also have to change venues and schedules. The World Cup in Qatar in June and July is a bad joke.

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There's a reason why Melbourne Park has two covered courts (Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena), soon to be joined by Margaret Court Arena in 2015. The heat in Melbourne during the Australian Open can reach a brutal 40 degrees Celsius--and at the court level, even higher! I wouldn't be surprised if more covered courts are installed at Melbourne Park over the next 15 years.

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Absolutely brutal, and I wouldn't want to be there. That said, the heat has long been one of the Australian's defining qualities, not unlike Wimbledon's start-and-stop rain. Forces the players to be mentally tough to deal with the conditions and distractions, in addition to being top-level players. Always brings out good drama. The Hingis/Capriati final of 2002 always stands out in my mind as two players still putting on an incredible performance despite practically melting themselves.

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Kudos to ALL players. Inspiring efforts in tough conditions are what make the Aussie Open the Aussie Open. A losing effort by the Aussie Rusty Hewitt was gritty to say the least. And the winning effort by Kei Nishikori was gutsy. Both were five-setters, one just over four hours, and one about three and three quarter hours ! Let's give credit where credit is due ! You gotta love the game of tennis !

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Temperatures are forecast to peak at 43 Celsius, shy of Melbourne’s all-time January high of 45.6,

So temperatures are hot but are not as previously then, is this a cooling we are seeing, if it was warming then the temp would have surpassed the current record?

So global cooling is in effect ?

Or do you just say climate change to be correct these days?

I mean the climate is always changing anyway right?

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Eight men and one woman have retired today in the second round at the Australian Open, this is unprecedented. Yet, the official Aussie medic claimed that the heat was not a major problem and I paraphrase his line of thinking -- "tennis is a sport where play is not continuous, as players get a break in between". What a dope, he is going to be reviled by players, coaches, public and the media at large. I wonder if he has ever held a racquet in his life!

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Send some this way and we'll try to return the favor.

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Oh, sounds dreadful. I have to say, it makes me wonder about the timing of 2020 Tokyo.

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40.5 degrees is nothing. It is the typical temperature in northern California in August. Children go to school, football games are played, and tennis matches are enjoyed. Plastic bottles don't melt there, but when it is 50 degrees, the tires can draw the oil out of the asphalt.

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We were living like inside Oven currently. I have to put Ice Tower on my two lovely spoiled dogs to cooling down. Melbourne weather change very quick. Melbourne weather forecast for next 3 days is over 40'c but not always right. We watched Nishikori game on TV and very pleased he won in 5 sets. Well done Kei-Chan.

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Um I think the answer is already clear. Since shade is all it takes to dramatically take the heat, just play in covered courts! That may not be quite traditional, but then again the game was never designed for playing in such heat.

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That may not be quite traditional, but then again the game was never designed for playing in such heat.

Any Australia open in Oz summer are baking ovens for players and fans.Even watching from TV will feel the unbearable heat. All opens should move to Tasmania which has cooler climate.

It is Win Win for sponsors, players, fans and Tasmania the economy.

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