Rapinoe says Olympics cancelation would devastate her, U.S. team


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I remember Bill Rogers, the famous American Marathoner who missed out on his only reasonable shot at an Olympic medal in Moscow because of the US boycott. I felt sorry for him.

Yes, this is a Pandemic (global pandemic is kinda, um, well, redundant), and to cancel the games would be the correct and safe thing to do, not to mention smart. USA Women's Soccer will survive.

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To be fair, we should run another sports article about athletes who are either not attending or are apprehensive.

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Selfish, but she has shown that before. She should do “whatever she can” to save more people from dying as we all should

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A death would devastate me even more.

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Those slagging off Rapinoe failed to read the article.

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Eh, the articles are optional but some comments hur-dee-har are must-read:

Those ragging on Rapinoe

Failed to write a happy poem.

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Get a real job instead of expecting loads of money for enjoying your hobby. Nobody pays me to go scuba diving.

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I feel sorry for all who will lose out upon cancellation, fans and athletes alike, but it is just not worth the risk and the cost. Games can still be played, and they don't have to necessarily stop playing and training as they are now to prepare for a time when they CAN play in championships again.

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Pukey2: "A death would devastate me even more."

Precisely, which is why it is not worth the risk.

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For those who did not bother to read:

Rapinoe says she and her team would be personally devastated because everyday they're still training and sacrificing like the Olympics is still a go, but that they understand the legitimate reasons it may not happen at all (likely won't be postponed a 2nd time)

Get a real job instead of expecting loads of money for enjoying your hobby. Nobody pays me to go scuba diving.

It's not a hobby but a career if you train everyday and make sacrifices striving to be the best at scuba diving

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