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Australian coach fined for breaching COVID-19 isolation ahead of Japan game


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Where I live, lucky if 10% of the population are wearing masks now indoors and virtually none outdoors. But that doesnt surprise me being in regional Aus.

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Sydney radio station 2GB reported that Arnold had been seen walking his dog at the ocean swimming pool in the Sydney suburb of North Narrabeen without a mask on Sunday, three days after testing positive for the virus.

I'm good with the fine, because if he is walking outside with a mask, it is not unreasonable to think he might also walk into more crowded places while unmasked.

Anyway, Australia should have stuck with its zero covid policy strategy, which was very effective at limiting covid infections and deaths related to Covid; similar to China's approach.

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Fined for walking along the beach out in the open air where the possibility of transmitting Covid to another person was probably near zero.

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Hope they at least test him for BA.2 variant so at least the health authorities can be prepared

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If he has no respect for rules, then he probably allowed his dog to defecate on the beach...they were not there for swimming.

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