Sonny Bill Williams confirms return to rugby league


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Can't believe they are having him back in the league.

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He'll pull crowds like he does sheilas. Its a good move for league to have such a polarizing figure. Feel sorry for the chookie fans though they are still a losing bunch.

"Go Doggies!"

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He'll pull crowds like he does sheilas.

He'll pull crowds - that's for sure Spud - but $BW is a "clean living" Muslim - he'd never be on the hunt for sheilas! Seriously, his tactic of signing only 1 year contracts will bite him in the end with his history of injuries. Good luck to him anyway - and Up the Eels!

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Roosters have got a pretty strong roster..good halves,young fiery forwards and a new 'non' annoying coach for the '13 season.SBW makes the comp stronger and more even..Go Sharkies !!

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SBW will be back in time for te ABs to defend their World Championship. He has progressed beyond League now and is a true Rugby (Code) player. No doubts.

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He is a mercenary trying to maximise his earning potential. Still overrated though.

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SBW talk was like Lebron talk before he signed with the Heat.. snore......

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