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South Korea joins list of Asian nations in World Cup bid


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WHy would these countries think FIFA would go back to Korea/Japan? England stands a better chance i think And I dont know why Canada even bothers as well. All we have here is astroturf. Or American football stadium (Commonwealth)

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i dont think england have much of a chance . USA Australia and japan two of them three will get it. the world cup was very good in japan not so good in south korea

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didnt they have the world cup there like 3 days ago?

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As the yanks tried to change the game to meet their commercial driven appetite back in '94, they wanted to play four quarters instead of two halves, I would rather it didn't go to the US. England with the best league in the world and the quality of stadiums already on offer should get it but won't what with Monsieur Platini in charge of UEFA. For heavens sake Manyoo dropped out of the FA Cup back in '99 to enter the World Club Championships in South America as a bargaining tool to their fellow football associations, only to be given the cold shoulder. No matter what England's FA does, the European elitists don't like them and would rather vote for another European state to host it instead.

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Whitepocky Monsieur Platini has nothing to do with the world cup. that would be blatter. Lately Spain has passed england has the best league at least on football terms. Why if england does not get it would it be european elitists. Rememebr euro 1996 was not much of a sucess

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