South Korea Olympic committee pushes athletes to attend navy boot camp, triggering rebukes


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South Korea has risen from war, poverty and military dictatorships to a cultural and economic powerhouse with a vibrant democracy

Yes along with one of the highest rates of life disatisfaction and suicide.

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Look at that, I was just going to say: Send them to Camp Muchuk for a month…been there, done that.

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Send BTS while you're at it.

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Daft. Looks more like North Korea. If this sort of thing worked, NK would top the medal tables. Instead, they can ask the IOC to compete as Independent Olympians.

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Send BTS while you're at it.

BTS are currently doing their National service


Hope that helps.!.

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BTS are currently doing their National service

Good. Hopefully the twinkletoes come out of it with a healthy testosterone level.

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Not sure how military service can increase testosterone. I wonder how you know they all have a deficiency there?

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