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South Korea sets record with 22-2 rout of China at World Baseball Classic


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Wow - 22-2!

Years ago in the WBC and Olympics there was something called the "mercy rule" - essentially a gentleman's agreement to call off a game when the winning team was up by ~ 10 runs. The aim was to not humiliate the losing team, so as interest can still be maintained in their nation in baseball.

I think the "mercy rule" should be reinstated.

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It was a pretty sad scene. The stadium was extremely empty. And the chinese team completely lost interest in even putting up a decent fight. Their manager just kept looking at the match extremely bored like he wanted to be somewhere else. No tactics or a decent strategy. Just let the players do their thing and get it over with

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Fighto! There is a mercy rule. If you're up by 15 after the 5th or 10 after the 7th. This game ended in the 5th. That's only in the qualifying rounds though.

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Wow! That was a kill. I guess there is no Mercy rule in this competition, unlike little league. Congrats to South Korea!

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China was in it right up until the beginning, lol.

Maybe this will take a bit of the sting out of Kera getting slapped around like a rented mule by Japan?

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Sorry. My bad for not reading the article thoroughly. My apologies.

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Wow... 22 to 2. Japan only one by 10-2 against China, didn't they? So I guess that makes Korea the better team, by some posters' logic.

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Korea should have played like this against Australia and they would be the ones going to the quarterfinals. China may be bad every time they play in any baseball tournament but they are definitely winners in the Best Cap and Jersey competition.

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Wow... 22 to 2. Japan only one by 10-2 against China, didn't they? So I guess that makes Korea the better team, by some posters' logic.

Japan beat China 8-1, not 10-2.

Which poster has used that logic? Japan finished with a 4-0 record, Korea with a 2-2 record.

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At the start of this game everyone knew it had no meaning. China was already going to be in last place and Korea already in third. Basically no reason to play except Koreans getting their frustration out.

Thank goodness the mercy rule stopped this after five innings

Japan vs Italy on Thursday!

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Excellent, well done South Korea !!..

Just beautiful.

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