Spain's Iniesta to stay with Kobe for two more years


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How low the level of Japanese football / J-League must be when a club keeps paying a 37 year old tons of money because of a name. I’ll say the same thing about American and Chinese football. These players can ”help these teams”, but that’s it. It doesn’t change the fact that their football will remain mediocre.

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Past his prime???

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Iniesta is a passionate being.

he is a perfect fit to make the team play real futbol.

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Mr Iniesta can not be blamed. He gets a new contract to really enjoy himself. Zero pressure on him, great pay, good life here, goes home when he wants. No GM or coach can worry him. And he can break King Kazu’s record if he would be so inclined. He gets a few other Spanish to chat and party with on the team.

People like him, the team is happy, I see no negatives except for the bank accounts of Vissel , maybe Mikitani himself a bit and the Rakuten shareholders needing to shore up the Vissel budget every year.

I am happy to see him stay and earn well.

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Good comment, Mr. Robert Maes.

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Iniesta "has not just improved Vissel's status, but he has improved the global recognition of the J.League," Mikitani said.

How about you Mikitani improving the server capacity of Rakuten Market place from the meagre

5GB than the lowest plan sellers pay about 24,000yen monthly for.

SSD Hard disk are presently super cheap.

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Spending huge amounts of money on a washed up, long past their sell by date big name does nothing to help the team. Well, maybe boost attendance and shirt sales.

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