Spalletti eyed for Japan soccer coaching job


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Great... another (out of work) world class coach coming to Japan, to make some money.

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Not Felix Magath! He's apparently terrible at personal training, not to mention he's shockingly bad performance at Fulham which got them relegated..

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I like Spalletti. If they could get him that would be a real coup. Currently AC Milan are also looking at him to change their run of bad form.

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He's been out of work since March 2014.. don't think people have been beating down his door.

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The problem for Japanese soccer runs much deeper than any one manager. It starts with the federation, which is totally an old boys club and inept and goes to the level of youth coaching, where children are not taught correctly, or we might say are mis-taught how to use their bodies, how to move, how to run, how to kick and what soccer is all about. By the time they become professional players it's too late. Managers can only work with what they are given and the pros in Japan will not be able to compete at the highest levels of soccer until youth training is changed.

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Time for Japan to get a Japanese coach. They did ok with Zaccheroni to begin with. I will admit, at Australia's expense. However Okada seemed more suited to the job, and he did take the team to the 2nd round in South Africa. Japan could take a page out of Australia's book and hire a home grown coach. (Unless of course the coach they hire speaks Japanese. With the exception of Arsene Wenger I don't know many who do)

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The squad is decent enough with a few star players, so why not look for Okada's Japanese replacement? Okada has been the most successful coach for a long time, and was Japanese, so why this foreign coach thing?

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