Australian Open 'most likely' to be delayed


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Australian Open 'most likely' to be delayed

"Stupid as stupid does."

A poster wrote that about the Tokyo Olympics. I wonder if the same poster and the same crowd, feel the same way about the Australian Open?

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No - that particular poster won't even read this thread as there is nothing to criticise Japan about. Good spot, @Nihonview.

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Must say - it was very nice to watch the State of Origin Rugby (on TV from here) being played in a full stadium in Brisbane.

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Thumbed down? For saying it was nice to see a full stadium! Good Lord - must be people here who would like the situation to worsen

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Australian Open should go ahead with very limited audience, or no audience, but should not be postponed.

Regarding Olympics vs Australian Open, I believe most people question the Olympics not for the event itself - as with tight measures in place (quarantines, tests etc etc) it will not bring any risk of infections - but how the government is ignoring what is a global pandemic, limiting testing as much as possible and going ahead with measures that go against everything you should do during a pandemic.

This “obsession” with Olympics at all cost is what frustrates people, as it is very clear that public health is not a priority whatsoever.

Should the Australian Gov do the same in order to go ahead with the Open at all costs, surely the population would question the Gov priorities as well.

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US Open and French Open were quite successful, with all the tight measures (the bubble) and limited audience, I don't really understand why should the Australian be postponed, they just have to follow (and improve) the recipe. Postponing it will create havoc on the ATP calendar

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It should be cancelled because most of the players will not travel. The players normally go 2 to 3 weeks early for the preparation tournaments.

I said just a few days ago here the Australian Open will not happen and it won’t.

Reasons besides the players is a full calendar and Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Thiem, Zverev, and the ladies prefer to stay in Europe and not spent 20 hrs on a plane. Twice.

And Roland Garros and Wimbledon MUST go ahead on their normal dates this year or tennis is dead. Then there are, or not, the Olympics this year. So, where shall we move 3 weeks into ? Because that is what the grand slam players need to minimum invest in the Australian open and the only time to do that is as scheduled. Postpone it also means killing of 4 or 5 smaller tournaments in Europe scheduled after the Australian Opens normal timeframe.

Sorry but will not happen in 2021.

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