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Sports minister says trouble-plagued stadium to be ready on time for Olympics

By Elaine Lies

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Sports minister says trouble-plagued stadium to be ready on time for Olympics

I'll believe it when I see it.

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Mr. Shimomura, are you not ultimately responsible?

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Well, he may be right in saying it will be ready for the '20 Olympics. Problem is, it was supposed to be ready for the '19 Rugby Worldcup! Guess we might see a repeat of the 1964 Games where the Shinkansen was up and running about 1 week before the games' start?!

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"Japan’s sports minister promised on Tuesday that the new National Stadium, the centerpiece of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, will be completed on time and blamed a “lack of clear responsibility” for the structure’s raft of woes."

Yeah, I seem to remember a whole lot of other promises in the lead up to who would be awarded the Games as well. In fact, I remember a certain Prime Minister giving his word more than once. Yeah... it'll be "ready" alright -- a COMPLETELY different beast, and more expensive, than the one promised at the bid.

But he's right that there is a lack of responsibility -- that is Japan-wide problem in EVERY element of society -- but do you notice he never said HE takes responsibility, and WILL take responsibility if his promise is not kept? I have no doubt then, as with now, it'll be 'regretful, but someone else's fault'.

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