Stage set for 'killer weekend' at Rugby World Cup


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Without New Zealand and the All Blacks there is no world cup. $13 million loss for this world cup with all sorts of IRB restrictions all over the place is making the NZRU question whether or not they can be bothered with the farce the world cup has become.

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ExportExpert: "Without New Zealand and the All Blacks there is no world cup."

Without NZ, as host-nation this time, perhaps (though not for 2015), but without the All Blacks the game could go on... just without the All Blacks. Hopefully they don't, though, as that's no fun for the team or the fans.

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No ABs no world cup ?In the history of the world cup the ABs have won how many ?? That's 1 more than Namibia..if they choke out of this one too they'd be doing themselves and particularly their fans a favor in pulling out...

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The All Blacks ARE the World Cup and rugby in general. -They are the best team in the World. Ex-All Blacks coach all the top sides. Even Aussie has Robbie Deans, they know kiwi quality when they see it.

GO THE ABs!!! Crush em all, but especially the Wallabies!

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Yeah a world cup without the best team in the world The No: 1 ranked team in the world 3 years and 11 months continously between every world cup, yeah right a world cup without the all blacks is not a world cup is it !

NZ and most NZer's dont give a hoot for the world cup trophy any longer, being number 1 in the world every day of every year menas 200 times more than the world cup ever could.

No other team has or ever will accomplish that, no other sports team in the world has an 85% win rate as the all blacks do !

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When you choke (as you will), please do it quietly and decorously. The rest of us will be following England in the final :)

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Hahahaha lucabrasi i alwasy took you to be one who had a clue, but obviously you don't, england in the final is not going to happen France are going to give them the thrashing they deserve on frances way to the final.

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EE, do you REALLY believe that Most NZers dont care about the WC? DELUSION!! Anyway, i remember one of the NZ commentators a few years ago reported how an AB player was talking to a fan shortly before leaving (and losing) for the 03 or 07 WC, and the fan said "dont blow it again", or whatever. Not "win it for NZ", or "give it everything." Seems to sum up the desperation.

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look, there would seem to be a problem when you face a 13 million dollar loss and your hosting the world's premier tournament in the sport.

where does the money go?

if there is not enough money to cover the costs of staging of the event, then some reorganization would seem to be in order to keep the sport alive.

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Problem is with the IRB, also some of you do realise that games and results do get manipulated to suit the agenda of the IRB don't you. The refs have a job to do and it's not just to blow the whistle.

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The only reason that England are hosting the next world cup is because it will make money. And the New Zealand and the Japan one won't. The financial impact of New Zealand not taking part in the World Cup in Japan would be massive but it would have a much less severe impact in England.

It would be bad for the sport if ANY of the major teams weren't at a World Cup but it would survive.

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