Struggling Nintendo puts shares in Seattle Mariners up for sale


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Nintendo helped the city of Seattle and it's a sad day for the city as well.

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It was smart for Nintendo to have invested in the Mariners in the first place, rather than unprofitable and poorly managed (from a business rather than playing perspective) NPB teams like most big Japanese companies who invest in baseball teams do. Its a shame to see that era coming to an end.

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Well Nintendo, I can give you precise moments in history that you doomed yourself: Alienate your user-base by deciding to go Family friendly instead of wanting to win. Mortal Kombat with no blood/fatalities, Letting Final Fantasy go to PS because you refused to evolve past cartridges, and losing loads of what used to be Nintendo only titles because you refused to get with the times.

Mario and Link can hold their own, but they couldnt carry you from the 8-bit era to where you are now by themselves. Square, Enix, Capcom, and Konami made you, and you pretty much flipped them all off at some point.

THIS is why you are having financial problems.

I used to be a Nintendo fanboy but I will be laughing when you sink into the abyss.

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How badly can they be struggling when they still own the mariners?

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Mario and Link can hold their own

Except that they still haven't released a Wii U Zelda game. Only Wii Zelda games that they re-released on the Wii U. And now they are announcing the next console, without having even released the one that is supposed to come out on Wii U. They may as well just put it off until the next console.

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Any MLB team owners that spend as much as Dodgers or Angels forplayerbcontracts get in trouble financially. Iwakuma and Aoki have been excellent. But its pitchers couldn't handle Mike Trout and Albert Pujols when they came to Angels Field this weekend. Not just Mariners ,,but A's,, Padres and soome other teams are trying to move to Los Angeles area from their cold area. Nintendo has been doing fine. On other business after it changed from hanahuda maker business. YaKyu, is game but not like sales of hanshuda or computer games. It got into wrong business.

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Is it new? Most of the Japanese companies are going red.

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The Mariners field is small and Game attendees ticket sales must be small. It is about time Nintendo pull out.

@Rana Sodhi. Japanese corporations dominate US industries. They will not going red. Everybstate they expanded welcome as Japan Inca created jobs.

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