Sumo advisory board issues warning to yokozuna duo for missing tournaments


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At 35 surely it's well time for Hakuho to hang up his mawashi?

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Skipping on purpose no? Covid-19 and close contact/ rubbing up against fellow fat guys, is not an inviting proposition when you're a Yokozuna,and in Hakuho's case, the probable Goat.

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Cracaphat. I agree with you. They are both near the end of their career and have a good long life waiting for them so they don’t want to risk getting COVID. And I think both want to stop as the winners of one more tournament and then go. And of course, 2 Mongolian born wrestlers and one can ask what if they would have been Japanese born? Would they get this warning .

I think Kakuryu might now retire but Hakuho might challenge once more

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Hakuho has been training for years. I admire his discipline and love for the sport. He deserved no warnings but respect for his decision after all Hakuho has earned every single triumph.

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Eh, with no yokozuna that was still a really fun and interesting basho. There were a couple of matches decided by rare once-in-a-generation moves. Resurgent Terunofuji pushing Takakeisho to a playoff was great drama, and the emotions flashing on the latters gasping mug after he clinched his first title as Ozeki. Even teensy Enho leaping around enough to win sometimes is athletic joy in action.

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 2 Mongolian born wrestlers and one can ask what if they would have been Japanese born? Would they get this warning .

Yeah, they would have. Takanohana, the last really popular Japanese Yokozuna, got the same "participate in the next tournament or retire" ultimatum in 2002, late in his career.

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Kakuryu needs to pack it in. Hakuho, well I believe he still "has it" in him to continue on for some years, I really hope to see him back come January of 2021.

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About Takanohana, he was always in conflict with the sumo board as has later become very clear.

But you are right and I redraw my comment, it was insensitive

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Unlike other ranks, Yokozuna is a permanent title, and there is no option for them to lower their rank. Yokozuna has only two options: keep producing winning records or retire.

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