Sumo association probe finds 2 wrestlers gambled illegally: source


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The wrestlers are suspected of entering an illegal gambling establishment in Saitama Prefecture …

Illegal gambling apparently has a foothold in sumo — unfortunately.

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Gambling on sumo has been around since the sport began. It is unknown if these wrestlers were arranging to fix matches with the bookmakers - but it is highly likely.

If proven, ban all those involved for life.

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Clarifications please: Any ‘gambling’ by wrestlers is forbidden? - Reads like their visit to “an illegal gambling establishment” was away and outside of sumo facilities and/or tournaments and not necessarily related to their activities in that specific sport:

“The wrestlers are suspected of entering an illegal gambling establishment in Saitama Prefecture, where the prefectural police are questioning the pair as part of their investigation.” -

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The article is very light on facts about the type of gambling undertaken by a sumo wrestlers-the article needs ‘facts’

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Was the gambling related to Sumo? because that would make the problem much more serious.

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Forgot to give the higher-ups their cut of the loot they won?

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Must be a mistake. Corruption does not exist in flawless Japan.

(See my username)

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Back in July , 2010, Japan Today reported on "gachanko" in an article entitled 'Scandals expose sumo's shady underbelly'. Sumo has been associated for years with money and the Japan underworld.

Pot Black Kettle!

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Underworld syndicates scout boxers, sumo wrestlers, and other martial artists from uni

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Agree, light on facts but since they ‘entered an illegal gambling establishment’ I’m inclined to conclude they weren’t gambling on sumo but who knows. The whole “sport” is corrupt to the core.

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You gotta love how these guys break the law, but don't have to face any legal consequences -- just an internal investigation and possibly missing a bout or two.

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