Harumafuji only yokozuna left standing at autumn basho


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I'll be going to see Sumo next week. I think I should get a partial refund for my ticket price.

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@gokai, no way, it will be exciting to see the ozeki and lower ranks fighting to replace the decrepit dinosaurs. Hard to believe all these 30-something yokozuna are going to be in place for much longer. I may have to watch this tourney for a change.

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May be wrong but I have the impression that yokozuna (not talking about Hakuho here) are more likely to withdraw from a tourney than any other rikishi who are at risk of being demoted if they don't turn up.

Not saying they're faking injury but they've a more conservative approach & 'listen to their bodies' more than other wrestlers i.e 'better be on the sidelines as yokozuna than fight/lose' kind of mindset. Kakuryu & Kisenosato who rarely got injured/sidelined before promotion now spend an awful lot of time on the sidelines.

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Need better conditioning trainers

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