Yokozuna Hakuho released from hospital after COVID infection


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I wonder what his course of treatment was, or is it a State Secret?

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Shouldn't celebrities like him who get the RONA do PSA spots or something?

Maybe truthfully inform the uninformed on what is really going on with it?

It seems like they could use their fame for some kind of positives here..............oh wait.

There's no money in that. Never mind.

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They actually hospitalized him? If all he had was loss of his sense of smell, they should have just isolated him and told him to monitor his symptoms. Perhaps it was done to convince the oyakatas that he really, really had the virus and wasn't just skipping out on another tournament.

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This might be the start of his downfall.

Long term effects of Covid,

・Shortness of breath = less stamina

・Feeling of weakness = less stamina

Good luck Hakuho.

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